They knew something was wrong from the minute he was born
Only a few minutes old and holding his dick like he was full grown
Promising the midwife that he could make her moan
The old folks said that boy is destined for porn

He didn't waste much time learning to walk and run
A short time later he was swinging his dick like a dam shogun
Nothing but a country boy with big dreams of the city
He was determined to one day form a prostituting committee

He started on the low building his stable with his dick taking no shit
He could make a pussy shudder and quake like it was having a fit
Smooth words flowing over hardened ears, lowered defenses
He needed what he needed and there was no pretenses

His first ladies accepted the name of bottom bitches
Each and everyone dedicated to bring Daddy his riches
Whether it was on their back, belly, or knees
His girls became known as the ones that pleased

Known by both men and women as the girls that brought relief
His caddy was the oval office, and he was the commander in chief
Sporting a Stetson hat and alligators on his feet
You could tell there was country in the boy without hearing him speak

He took his girls on the road when it was cold, fuck hooking in the snow
That made them want to open up wider and sell even more
Really good clients, they would double team their ass
The ass licking came free, the customers didn't have to ask

Daddy made them all get accounts and put fucking money in the bank
He made them all get health checks, so they could enjoy their bank
None of that project pussy and dick, only the richest of the dope boys
Quick to go check a motherfucker if his girls came back with any noise

He soon gained a reputation, he wasn't the average every day pimp
He was quick with the mentality of the game, he wasn't anyone's simp
Dope dealers were happy that he was in a different kinda game
Hardened killers felt a kindred spirit with him, and it didn't seem strange

But there's no such a thing as a master pussy or dick
It's a matter of time before you meet the right fucking trick
Cream colored skin, with curls lying on her shoulders
She had the ability to melt the heart of any eyes that behold her

The first time that he laid with her, he felt something fucking break
The way that she curled his toes and made his whole world shake
And she wasn't dumb, she came with fucking brains
She taught how to legalize his money, just in case his sunny days turned to rain

She organized the girls, she even fucked more than a few
Before he knew it, she was running his crew
It never occurred to him to ask what she did or was trying to do
He didn't know it yet but she'ld taken his money too

She brought an apartment and cars, all in her name
You see he never realize all of his money was set up in her name
By the time he found out that he was broke, he couldn't hide the shame
He went to her house to kill her, but ended up fucking her ass again

After they finish fucking, she laid down the rules
Your money and girls are now mine, and you're simply a tool
I'll fuck you when I want or I'll sell your dick to who I choose
Just be a good whore and you'll get this pussy and you wont get abuse
Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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