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night reap what you will
it's a cold and broken hallelujah
ashes from within...glory

clash of the titans no more...gore
the mighty Thor stands true
lightening before the thunder
only one holds that claim

the abyss is deep
the void calm
detonation in...


black...rolling in the deep
dreaded oblivion bring the scyth
let's bleed out truth...oh death
your sting is mighty

set free your stygian ink
indigo fleece in the celestial kingdom
we all bleed red here

it's on trepiditious feet I enter
glean the wheat
so the shaft may eat

Spielberg Steven

I wonder what the wave meant?

grievous is the wound
she has risen in the sea of faces

she is me

you can make anything in art
even in death they will rise
caught up in the airs

is Hades Risen?

like a phoenix mad max
tender is the way
with insidious plots to plunder
a little salt over your left shoulder should do the trick

in Sodom you were told to not look back
the rebellion you know we're all jew
gentile or not
kennite and cannaite mixed
Cain and Able

streets of gold are maintained pristine
I feel ill prepared

have the rules changed?

or is that a mighty illusion?

I am nobody...a name is a chain

I am woman here me roar

feet of a lion solid gold
I hear the sound of thunder
billions strong
crashing down on my mind
lightening strikes my grey matter
I think therefor I am

alpha and omega will I prove myself sane?

I shiver inside myself
you prepared me well
still now that the day is before me
I feel unveiled

the Goddess ISIS
the Talmud and also the Koran
the Tibetans with reincarnation
do they all know the rebellion was over them
they all have powerful belief

hello Delilah what's it like in New York City?

Delancey Street you up and aware?

San Francisco embarkadero

I embarked on a dangerous mission of discovery
I love these sentient beings
they are beautiful to me
regardless of race color or creed

in the end linkin park
the pace isn't too fast
Tommy...the who

were you ever blind?

I've been blind
when the least of mine lost sight
the greatest of mine did also find's a way
to quote Jeffrey Goldblum
Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
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