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Missing Him

In your loneliness
You come to me
For comfort and understanding
But Im gonna take advantage of you
By caring and listening to your sadness
How he upset you again
Feeling rejected
As I caress your cheek
And then your arm
Down to your thigh
Hearing you tell me how you feel
Your heart break once more
Giving you a tight hug
And slide my hand up your inner thigh
Between your legs
To feel the black lace panties I bought you
Rubbing lightly over your pussy
Gently kissing your lips
Feeling your part
Getting wetter
I take your hand
And place it on my cock
Tell me how much you miss him
And you give a firm squeeze
The surprised look you give
Telling me how hard I am
When I move the panties aside
And slide my finger between your lips
Your knees move away from each other
To make more room for me
You begin to unbutton my pants
As my finger goes deeper
You grab my cock over my boxers
And stroke a little
I look in your eyes
Does he use two fingers?
Your moan was a yes
I insert another finger as you squeeze harder on my cock
If he was here, what would you want to do?
Without a word, you take my cock out
And bring your mouth to it and take it in
Going all the way down
Your wet lips are beautiful
Is that how lovingly you suck his cock?
You continue to suck with confident strokes
All the way to the base and all the way up to the tip
I can feel your pussy is flowing - dripping from this
You love his cock, dont you?
After a few minutes, I ask you,
Do you like when he licks your pussy?
You look at me for a moment and nod your head, and I ask you to lay back
And spread your legs
Your eyes capture mine
And I hold your gaze as I move between you
Looking at you while my tongue licks your pussy
Moving around your clit, I remember sliding two fingers inside
Slowly and confidently
Your head tilted back with soft moans
Do you tell him more fingers?
You slip out a whisper, 'Yes...'
You position your legs wider
As I insert a third finger
And go as deep as I can
My cock flexes as you shiver
I can sense he really makes you horny
Your hand impulsively rubs your clit while I finger you
I introduce a fourth finger for you
And fuck your pussy with them
How bad do you want his cock?
You could barely muster the word but keep it concise
Fuck me
I pick your legs up onto my shoulders
Look at my cock
Watch it touch your pussy lips
See the head go in?
See my cock go in your pussy?
I start fucking you a little faster
I stop and ask you to do me a favor
I want to see your ass.
You turn over and bend over for me.
Close your eyes now
I enter you from behind
And grab your hips and pull them towards me
We build rhythm as we fuck
Is this how he fucks you?
You like his cock in your pussy?
Do you like when he grabs your hair and pulls on it?
Are you his slut?
My pace increases, fucking you harder
Going deeper, pulling on your hair
Tell me how much you want him
You chin turned up revealing your slender, sexy neck
Does he make you cum?
You say yes to all of it
My hand reaches around your neck, gently but secure
Tell him you are gonna cum
You can feel my cock getting harder
As I push deeper in your pussy
You say you are cumming
I can feel your pussy
Tightening and relax
Squeeze and open
Contract and expand
Your breathing is heavy
I pull out and you turn toward me
And start licking my cock
You want his cum?
I feel myself ready to explode
I start stroking it and you lick the shaft
My cum starts shooting out
Covering your face
In white streams
I put my cock in your mouth
For the final convulsions
You suck whatever cum is left
When you are done, I wipe your face
And we lay together on our sides
I kiss your neck
And caress your arms
You sigh in despondence
Im sorry you miss him
And that he cant be away from his girlfriend
I hate to see you so sad
You deserve to be loved
And respected
By a guy who treats you well
You are too good of a person
To be in these dead end relationships
What do you want?

Written by drunkenplaywords
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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