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The Vacation Chapter 5 part 2

The Vacation Chapter 5 part 2

Kyle turned his attention back to his breakfast and saw she had eaten half of his banana. This made his mind flash back to the night before when she had taken him all the way into her throat. He shifted again.

Are you alright, Kyle? Fiona asked with the hint of a smile on her lips.

"Yes, fine," he mumbled as he ate the rest of the fruit. "I'm going to see if they have another banana."

He pushed back from the table and dropped his napkin on his plate as he moved behind Fiona. On a bold and reckless impulse, once more completely out of character, he leaned forward slightly as he stepped past her and dragged the bulge in his bike shorts across the exposed skin of her back. She sucked in a sudden breath as she felt the heat of him through the thin, tight fabric.

He left to head back to the buffet, leaving Fiona gasping and wide eyed as she replayed the memory of the sensation over and over in her mind.

What is wrong? Helen asked as she watched Fiona's face heat up. The blonde just shook her head and tried not to be too obvious about looking for Kyle across the room.

Helen thought she looked a little wild eyed.

Kyle was standing before the fruit, oblivious of the selection as he tried to get a handle on what the hell he was doing. He would never have behaved like this before! Was he becoming some kind of man whore? He snorted at the term as he thought of it. He did not feel like he had treated any of these women poorly. He was just being way more promiscuous than he had ever been before. Is this how he wanted to be? He had to rein it in!

"You ready to lose, lover boy?"

Kyle started from his thoughts. "What? Sorry, I wasn't paying attention... wait, what did you call me?"

I said, are you ready to lose, lover boy? Alfred was annoyed at having to repeat himself as his words lost their impact.

Truthfully, he was angry his wife was sitting with 'the enemy', his opponent for today's ride. He psyched himself up before every competitive ride by choosing his enemy. Today, Kyle was it. He knew the kid was close to half his age, but he felt confident in his ability to outride him.

Alfred knew that little display Fiona made of fellating the banana was some kind of dig at him. He was unsure what Kyle made of it and that unsettled his mind. He glanced down and saw something to sour his mood even more. No doubt Fiona was aware of Kyle's... dimensions. Cycling pants were not exactly designed to hide the area.

"Loverboy?" Kyle asked, cautiously.

Alfred sneered at Kyle. "I heard about your little romp with the Livingston ladies, though I use that term for them loosely."

"Hey, say what you want about me, but there's no reason to be rude to the women," Kyle said with a scowl.

"Whatever. Are you going to uphold your side of the bargain?" Alfred asked impatiently.

"Yes, but I have a question. "Are you expecting to race from here to the next chateau or are we only racing during the alternate route section?

"The entire route! Or will that be too much for you?" Alfred pushed.

"Either is fine." He paused to look closer at the man. There was an almost tangible sensation of belligerence emanating from him. He leaned a little closer to speak softly.
"You know, you can be aggressive without being hostile," he suggested calmly.

Alfred snorted. "I have a race to win. I'll wait for you at the finish line, but don't make me wait too long," he boasted as he walked from the dining area.

Kyle just shook his head as he watched the man leave. Alfred was showing his true colors and it wasn't pretty.

Coming back to himself he picked up another banana and walked back to the table, peeling it as he went. He looked up and saw three sets of eyes watching him approach.

He could almost feel them peeling his clothes off and a twitch went through his cock in response to their hungry looks.

"I see you found the bananas," Fiona said as her eyes were looking directly at the bulge in his bike shorts. Skye burst into giggles and even Helen got in on the fun with giggles of her own. Fiona flashed them both a happy smile then turned her blue eyes on Kyle with heat in her expression.

Kyle finished swallowing his breakfast standing next to the table. The calm from the night before settled in place and he nodded to the blonde, returning the heat much to his surprise. Her nerve broke first and she licked her lips nervously. Smiling, he moved behind her chair to toss the peel onto his plate and pluck his helmet from the back of his chair before stepping back out. He ensured his bulge pressed firmly against her bare back both ways then smiled at the ladies as Fiona gasped and shivered. She was biting her lip when he smiled at them, holding his helmet before himself.

"See you at the bikes. Have a good ride, ladies."

As he turned to leave, he saw David and Kimberly sitting with Carl and Larissa. He nodded and said good morning to them. David was looking more than a little rough and Kimberly's smile seemed forced with tension in the corners of her eyes.

The Burkeites smiled happily at him and wished him luck.

He nodded and made a quick pitstop at the washroom to have one last pee before the ride and adjust himself more comfortably in his shorts. He was grateful when he had finally relaxed down there as he tucked himself away.

He then made his way outside to the courtyard where the support van was. Jules and Vivian were wearing their cycling gear and were talking with Ditka who would be driving the support van today.

Good morning! he said, and they greeted him.

Alfred seems intent on riding hard today. I will join you to keep an eye on your group, Jules said.

That would be welcome. I think he is being a little too intense about this. He has forgotten this is supposed to be fun! Kyle said with a smile and Jules nodded and shrugged. That said I do not intend on losing if I can help it. That brought bigger smiles from the guides.

He thought of something. David didn't look very good at breakfast. I am thinking it might be a good idea to suggest he take a rest day.

Ditka nodded and smiled. He returned it but kept it casual.

Kyle went to his bike and did his inspection. Everything was good. He did his stretches and felt his muscles respond smoothly. Vivian came by and filled his water bottles with an electrolyte drink as the day would be another hot one and they would be riding hard.

As the others came outside, he rode around the courtyard getting the feel of his bike and letting his muscles prepare.

"You ready to go?" Alfred said as he rode up next to him.

When Jules says it is time, he responded calmly. Alfred clucked his tongue at Kyle and turned to ride back to the group. Kyle did the same and they listened to Jules give the day's itinerary. The man had a lovely French accent, and he could read an accounting manual and make it sound exotic and exciting.

We are aware there is a group that will be racing today but again I say, safety is priority number one. OK? Please, do not take any unnecessary chances. Let us have fun and enjoy the day, Jules said firmly.

Kimberly rode up beside Kyle. Did you ask Ditka to ask David to ride in the van?
Kyle saw she was not angry, so he nodded.

She relaxed and smiled at him. Thank you! I could tell he was not up to riding but I could not tell him that. He would just call me a nag. She frowned.
It was a mistake bringing him on this trip.

To be continued
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