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[i]Always the same .... calm down dark places darks cloud crash heart away song cry run-ons check up broken bust key Glock no captions capture needs for subtitles ... all I got sold out smoking storms blowing out clouds raining tornadoes crying spinal spiraling hurricane no discussions tropicals hardaway wanna believe emotions need some more depression pain falling beat the odds most of them mental deep end Fed up Lord forgive me over time having to finish those my way .... always the same {calm down}

Explosion Measure atoms behind stardust eyes behind com-busting transitioning sights harbor finding imagination forgot newer eyes open closed ...
Future screenshot delicate dreams belief delicacy beyond offenses criminal closure own release brewing intellect to test a stories rest for a tombstoned in peace ... Actions planted this void / variety / various / variables / vacationing / vacancies available vowels bowels consonant sounds without moving views Vintage .... Experiences multiple pictures lucidity enchanting color videos take flight finale destinations plot buzzing drumming ears strumming parallel patterns eyed monster arithmetic sequence series
Shouldn't ...
It might've bn
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Ways to Make Last
Fall in significant nutrients proteins impregnating nature's mother again and again with this pro-long-in expertise so be expecting multiple grand keys "E" harmony supply
Her, jury duty judgement no complaints tried taking biggie no having enough faith chancing to collect claims pleaded overturning
couldn't countertop cases thrown out
had been overruled wins
Evidently as falsettos dug out empty
foolishness childishly got nothing supports against undermining Me-ntality for fool's gold (stop watching tomb raider) losing waste training gain less memory lost thinking not respectful to my process creativeness artistic mastery exquisite potency proactivity craftsmanship can't curve
timelessness consuming POETICONNxTIONZzz space available
don't give seconds to chance a nano second doubts stale food thought already dis-poser down shredding
sinks drainage cross contamination there's no usage added ingredients preservatives I need extra within my SPOKENWORDS providence gives out speaking in silence overheard giving back sounds to the Def in reality now they really listening in closely ambitiously raw inspires proof to even the RAREST with gratitude affirmations humility without hestiating I will continue my best humbly always the same, calm down Upwards thanks full
EYED INSIGHTS asks this full belly for enrichments 1st after words greatest
NEVER taking for granted servings
settling in dishes filthy toxic aches ..
Eat faithfully for real truth in sight instead of sightseeing which in doesn't notices causing stomach left the petobismal non agreeable due to food poisoning .... Now ain't that some shit Diarrhea compulsive constipated ... DAMN no tissue, buying the wrong lies sold ... Always the same can't calm down All WAYS


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