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The Vacation Chapter 5

The Vacation Chapter 5

Kyle awoke feeling better than he had in weeks. The early morning blues he'd been feeling over Gwen's betrayal certainly felt like a thing of the past.

A wide smile slipped onto his face as he sat on the edge of the bed.

He looked out the window and saw the sun was just beginning to creep over the horizon. He had time before breakfast then.

He went through his morning stretches, then his exercise routine to help loosen his long muscles and tighten his core. Then he took a shower and pulled on his cycling pants and jersey. He assumed Alfred would kit up in some official cycling team colors so he opted for a different message. His jersey's message was simple. Red sides with white centers and a huge red maple leaf on the chest and back.

"Represent!" he thought to himself with a grin.

He tucked the matching gloves into his helmet.
He finished getting ready, packed, and moved his duffle bag into the hall to be picked up.

Then he headed down to the dining room with his helmet in hand and rolled his eyes when he saw Alfred entering the room ahead of him. The man was wearing the fabled yellow jersey of the Tour de France leader. The man's cockiness knew no bounds. He suddenly felt bad about using that term to describe the man's overconfidence.

When Alfred turned his face to the side Kyle saw his scowl. Kyle hoped Fiona had not said anything to her husband about their interlude. Then he felt guilty for willfully participating in Fiona's cheating.

Breakfast was a buffet so Kyle selected foods he knew would not adversely affect his stomach on a strenuous ride. Then he found a table by the window. He relaxed and watched the scenery as he enjoyed the meal.

Good morning! May we join you? said a lovely British accent.

Kyle smiled and turned to look at Helen and Skye who were smiling hopefully.

He gestured to the chairs before him, and they settled in.

How are you feeling today? Skye asked him with just the hint of a naughty smile on her lips.

"Really good. You?"

"I slept blissfully," Skye replied as the wicked grin finally surfaced.

Helen looked between the two of them as she read his neutral expression and her mischievous one. "Did you two...?"

"Mum!" Skye exclaimed in obviously fake shock and outrage.

Helen's bottom lip pouted just a little as she realized she had missed another 'little bit of fun' last night. She caught Kyle's eye as he peeled a banana.

He stopped as he picked up the message from Helen clearly. She wanted to be with him again. He felt his face warming up. This had never happened to him before. He cleared his throat. There are plenty of opportunities left on the tour, he said softly and

Helen's face absolutely lit up. Skye grinned at seeing her mum's happiness.

He lifted the fruit to his mouth but spotted Kimberly approaching. He gave her a friendly nod.

Good morning! Kimberly said cheerfully as she walked past with her plate.

Good morning, Kimberly! Helen and Skye blurted with just a little too much enthusiasm, happy smiles spread across their faces. The redhead was slightly taken aback by the burst of joy from the ladies. She turned her eyes curiously towards Kyle, but he just smiled and nodded again with a slight flush to his face. She continued, on but glanced back to see Helen trying to hide her excitement about something.

Kyle threw a look to Helen to calm herself and she nodded as she turned her attention to her breakfast, but the smile refused to be dismissed.

Shaking his head slightly, he lifted the banana once more to his mouth but was again interrupted.

"Good morning Helen, Skye," Fiona said as she stopped by the extra chair next to Kyle.

"Good morning Kyle. May I join you?"

He blinked in surprise at her as her husband was only two tables away. "Uh, sure." He set his breakfast down on his napkin as he stood up to move his chair a little to give her room. He pulled her chair out for her and took the opportunity to glance quickly over his shoulder to catch Alfred scowling in their direction.

"Ooo! Such a gentleman!" Fiona said as she settled onto the chair.

As Kyle sat back down, he noticed the banana was missing. He glanced over at Fiona in surprise.

I have not had one of these in years! Would you mind if I had a little of your banana?

Fiona asked with a wide-eyed innocent look on her face as the tip of the fruit stroked against her plump lower lip.

Kyle froze as he was not sure what to do. He found himself nodding as he watched the banana slip between those full lips and slide into her mouth ever so slowly. Then he realized she was facing him directly, presenting her husband with a clear view of her suggestive display. Kyle's cock throbbed in his bike shorts, and he swallowed as she took her bite and handed it back to him.

She turned her face forward again, chewed the fruit in her mouth and swallowed daintily.

Skye was watching her with a happy grin on her face. Helen was trying not to stare and concentrated on her own breakfast.

Kyle shifted on his chair to make room in his shorts. He caught the satisfied smile on Fiona's lips.

Is everything ok? he asked her cautiously. Alfred's been looking sour since he got here.

We had a little disagreement last night. I told him I wanted an apology for what he said to you about me. He told me I was being too sensitive, and it was a compliment. So, I told him which of his orifices he could stick that compliment in. We are not currently talking and will not until he stops being such a pig and apologizes. She smiled at the two ladies across the table. You do not mind if I ride with you two today, do you?

Not at all! You're welcome to join us anytime! Helen said with a smile.

To be continued
Written by nutbuster (D C)
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