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Things to do on DUP.

Create multiple accounts under different names but don't tell anyone. You can portray yourself as a boy or a girl and it won't matter. As long as you sound believable and have a good avatar, no one will know the difference. Trust me, there are many who do a good job depicting him or herself as someone else. I myself have two accounts; I'm a boy on each one. ha

If you're impressed with an erotic poem and you want to leave a review but don't know what to say, use the word sensual. It'll cover a lot of bases when you can't come up with a witty or deep answer. Here's an example: Wow, blah blah, this poem is so sensual, well done. If you're lucky they may thank you and start a conversation, Though I wouldn't count on it.

Be under the age of 20. Adults don't usually get into the drama thing too much. They have other things to do. They get annoyed seeing so many young kids arguing back and forth with each other over immature issues. Pay no heed to them. Put on your best drama face and remember--all the world's a stage.

Beware of pointing out any errors in another's writing. Some people actually do appreciate your input; they're not only thankful but also interested in knowing what those errors are. Others, however, are very sensitive and might delete your 'critical' review. They may have worked over five minutes writing that thing.

Don't take a chance; show them you enjoyed it by using tiny or massive praise. "Great!" is a good start. If however, you're adventurous, you can go all out - "Okay, after reading this epic poem, I'm ready to call it quits. Do you wanna know why? Do you wanna know why? Because I'll never be this good if I live to be 200, okay, okay, I mean come on!"

Then again, you may not even be giving any reviews. I just figured I'd mention it in case something exciting should happen in your life to motivate you into trying it.

Mention DUP in your title. It tends to draw people in. I guess they feel like you're talking about them in some way. Oh, how I remember those dreary days with little reviews until I did this. Perhaps you will have some luck at it as well. Give it a go, champ.

Advertise your own work in each of your reviews. This is a risky move but could be beneficial. You see, some people can't always understand what a poem means so they look for other opinions to guide them. If you mention one or two of your poems or stories, who knows, you may get an unexpected review out of it.

For example: Wow, Blah blah, this sounds just like my poem 'The Red blah blah.' Or, perhaps you could even slip in some tension as a hook. "This poem has such impact. I wrote a similar one called "The Green Blah blah. Be careful if you read it, though, the outcome may be too much to handle...for you, or anyone else who reads it."

If you can't think of anything creative to say in a review, just refer to the amazing images. Writers enjoy such comments. It gives them the impression they were more creative than they originally thought.

If you don't feel like doing a review, simply cut and paste a large portion of the poem followed by the words, "God I Love this, love this, love this!" This will depict an overwhelming sense of enjoyment you received from a certain stanza you just needed to point out or you'd burst.

If someone has asked you to give an opinion of his or her poem and you don't have the desire to do so, you can say that it merits much more time than one reading can handle. You want to go over it again to grasp its full impact. That'll buy you some time before you forget about it.

On a more serious note, I'd like to end with some words by a friend.
"This is not a physical contact sport; there is no need for unnecessary blocking. Be the adult, if you are one...and just ignore the person like in real life.

I hope you enjoyed. 😁
Written by Timagination543
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