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Bow Your Head

Where do you look for that little extra.
When you look in the usual places and there is no extra
There is no more love, no more hate
You don't want to talk because you can't relate

Everything is gray and sounds like blah, blah, blah
You plunge to your depths and you don't know how
Seems you heard something that should had got a reaction
But the temperature just plunged causing a distraction

In my world there is now to many of me
Past, present, and future of who I be
What do you think would happen if we eliminate a few
Even if we cut out half, there would still be more than a few

Picking up my tools determined to cut a few out
With each slice of the blade I see lights going out
But this is to slow and there is to many to kill
Let's see how many will fit into a bottle of pills

Oxy and vodka to stop the clot
With all this evil in my head everything smells of rot
Rotten people with spoiled words and emotions
Negativity has charged the air and I'm spiritually choken

Bringing the evil out of my head into my actions
For some reason the church draws my attractions
All of that shouting and stomping up on that pulpit
Bitch convulsing in the front row like she's having a fit

I followed his ass I know every member he's fucking
He's attracted to both sexes, he's got men that he's sucking
All with nice homes and jobs that have fell for his lies
His greed alone isn't the only thing I despise

But I need him to enter my domain
A suggestion of a fund raiser drove his greedy ass insane
Maybe he should visit homes and recruit more members
I'ld like to donate my fair share is what I remembered

I could see him drooling, the greed was apparent
I was also drooling, but just not as evident.
He stopped me leaving with words of Brother Mentality
I'ld like to stop by later and pick up that money

You're more than welcome to stop on by
But I Is Me will be the last one that looks you in the eyes
Got tools laid out for his arrival, this Loisville slugger is a new arrival
After entering this domain there will be only one survivor

He arrived at nine and still had that fucking look
I faked grabbing my check book, but caught him with a right hook
The fear in his eyes had me energized
The slugger appeared in my hand and caught him by surprise

A nice love tap just to knock him out
Strapped his ass down on the table and gagged his mouth
Lets see exactly where greed resides in the human body
I took the slugger and brought it down softening his body

Continuous blows working on the lumps and kinky knot
A blow to the stomach made the gag pop out
I forced it back in and picked up the scapel, it's time to begin
His chest is right here and I'm going in

Heart still beating, but lets detach it, Dissect that shit to the smallest of fractions
Lung, Liver, and intestines are thown into the subtraction
His dick and ball got the same extraction
I know greed is here it's our main attraction

Took a chisel and cracked open his skull
 Brain carefully removed with simply a pull
He was to dumb for anything to reside in there, took the slugger and simply smashed it
Took his fucking ass and wrapped him in plastic

Returned to the church, hung him up behind the pulpit
Drench the building with fuel and then lit that shit
Tomorrow I've gotta see a politician about lying
Hahaha I've got a strong suspicion that someone will be dying
Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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