Born This Way

Who am I in this shell of my ways
Where failure speaks as to deny
But what are my options to forge acceptance

To perform a fabricated honor of how I was raised
Without depth of integrity but a fraud
Living on the whims of the way I am praised
Yet in my heart I am far from God

Just call it transition from faith to the easy way out
As I identify with a version of myself conformed of doubt
For the sake of the approval, the applause of my pride
Giving way to the reality of who I think I am inside

Bias to desires indoctrination and the word I revise
Relative truths to justify my lifestyle
Taking scriptures out of context to endorse my whys

Am I faking to believe or to deny
When every word I write is far from an act
But I am a kingdom divided, cloven of faith or to socially attract

Versed to speak for one of two
Advocate to the legacy of my mother's devotion
As I pretend to be someone worthy of speaking for You
All the while doubting my absolutes when swayed by emotion

What's to be said but to relate in my aim to become the authentic me
Do I believe every word that I speak or who it is they want me to be

Love and lust of fine lines
I cast off the restraints in my lack of vision
When I fake confidence all the while caught up in the conflict of my indecision

What is love but to comprehend what seems to be what I cannot change
Though willfully I strive to paint my stripes a color more lovely
My way of thinking I cannot rearrange
But as I let my guard down can they see the beauty in what I see as ugly

Reflections lie from the mirror's lips accuse what I see
Guilty conscience for the way these judgements are utilized to abuse me

Spiritual suicide by way of the weapon of unbelief
I slit my throat with the culture that seems to know the best way to find some relief

Label me or empathize, when I feel like an addict before seen as a man
Pornographic orientation, should I just say this is who I am?

When my hearts a whore to fantasy
And I make love to the shell
I dont have to die to meet damnation when my body is my living hell

Reconstruct philosophy to fit right in to this world view
When to love my own corruption is to reject the reality of You

Activism to prove my love after the ideals of this blind romance
I fall in love with my own sin to the point that my happiness in this moment is worth the cost of the chance

Heart affairs with hypotheticals, when it's my right to betray
In my defense of my adulterous tendencies, I can't help it, I was born this way...
Written by cloventongue89 (Nathaniel Peter)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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