A Plea Bargain while sitting in my Living Chair

This Plea Bargain Paper placed on top of the table waiting for my signatures..        
Haa! I laugh.. Coz it me makes me..            
Can't you see I'm bunging resting on my living chair?..
They said no matter how you feel..              
Get up!            
Dress up!            
Show up! And never Give up..            
Oh well, it's a daily routine for most. It's also mine at the same time..            
How I live..            
I get up if I am lucky to see the next day light..            
I dress up simply because I have to show up wherever I got business to care..            
If you are not the given up type, cool..              
If you give up..            
I mean everything?            
The only possible true state you gonna find yourself next is called Apathy..            
This is how it is mentally, logically            
faithfully, morally and proven clinically..            
Apathy is cold..              
Trust me, I was there once or twice..            
Many people go and many people return..            
Some stay behind and never come back..            
Logically, if you truly give up on everything mentally, faithfully and socially..            
You most know from that moment the expectations of getting up, dressing up as well as showing up are long gone..              
You are done!
For a second don't ever think reading the tales of my journey will give you cheers..
Nor I don't expect you to shed tears..              
Turmoils in our societies I contributed my fair share...            
There have actually been many Shadow Warfares..          
In your mind you'll end up having thoughts of maybe "You should start minding your own damn affairs"..            
All the gossips why do you hear?..            
It is because of the worldly opportunities, competitions.              
Bad blood between us peers..              
You are lying!.. Bitch!              
Deep down I tell you there must be something you really fear..            
At least for every two individuals at some point in time..            
They will eventually differ in thinking..       Differ in feeling..            
Differ in wishing..            
Differ in willing..            
Differ in believing..            
Now you see, it's not the same shoe sizes we wear..            
I asked again the gossips why do you care?..            
Not a Republican..            
Not a Democrat..            
Everything's a farce..            
There's a very little chance of me receiving some public jeers..            
My habits you asked..              
Good or the bad ones?              
Old or the new ones?            
Odd and weird, I got tones from each and every one of these my dear..            
I got demons and it's up to me to choose my choice to stand a fucking chance fighting my fear..      
Embedded in my soul so many Mafias..    
In my brain, it's been a while..            
I'm very sick..            
Rolling deep down the dark tunnel..            
The Doc said my case is very rare..            
Body counts or number of victims I no longer care..            
The hunger games, playing in my sick head is of will and sheer..            
Frictional force in my brain is no longer dynamic but static..  
Take for instance your neighbor for over a decade is a serial killer..            
A family member an respectable old fella engaged in pedophilia..            
Do you think this shooter took an oath at birth to end up being a mass murderer?        
A gay friend..            
A gay sibling sister            
A transsexual best friend..            
All of which you don't know about..            
Your only true, honest opinion, feeling as well as an understanding of this possible case scenarios lies in your mind..  
A Bargain Plea..  
I will break it down for you..          
Was it because of the compulsive masturbation?              
This myopia..            
I cautioned you concerning your worried fornication now you see the cause of your hypermetropia?            
Was it the bloodshed?            
This necrophilia..            
People wondering he molested the child..    What causes            
Man and man            
Woman and woman            
The weird things we know yet we gossip.. Hence the homophobia..            
People suffer from acrophobia            
So much Hatred!            
Even my xylophone is rattling..            
For those of us hiding behind the mask..            
Well, at least I am able to understand you..            

Nothing is as it seems..            
So, I'd rather sip a beer..            
Lying or resting on the couch..            
Smoking weed sitting in my living chair..            
Never judge me on how I look, joke and even cheer..            
You've no idea how far I'm willing to go to accept a plea..            
Bargain with my demons that I no longer fear..            
Rolling deep down the tunnel..              
I can feel it the end is very near..            
Daylight is not far away..            
Immediately outside this tunnel..            
Meet me, I will darken your light all I need to know is do you dare?..
Written by Numer90 (Numer0-un0)
Published | Edited 12th Jun 2021
Author's Note
Negotiations involving my plea bargains I don't understand Is it charge bargaining, sentence bargaining, or fact bargaining.
Did I sign on those plea bargain papers?
May be I did.
Maybe I...
Negotiations involving my plea bargains I don't understand Is it charge bargaining, sentence bargaining, or fact bargaining.
Did I sign on those plea bargain papers?
May be I did.
Maybe I didn't

Nor shame nor fear..

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