Happy anniversary to my everything  

Happy anniversary to my everything
Through out the years I've expressed to you
depth of my love and the need of yours
your need now exceeds that I dreamed
a strong and lasting love I valued
now rings true in a love you find greater value
that surprised you in the joy your own love brings
to seeing the depth how much you care for me
now you don't always have to say it
the way you show it brings essence
my love has changed for you as well
its become more develop and more mature
does my mood swing make you what maturity
most times it more disappointing to me
that I lack the flexibility it not maturity  
when you don't see perfect coming from me
I haven't got it all under control that I need
your love is what controls how its playing out
I see more of my failures than you think I do
my love is more concentrated than ever before
watching you explore a joy you haven't experienced before
those feelings you never felt before for anyone
we didn't make it this fare by holding back
don't doubt what your bring to our relationship
no matter how crazy your fantasy may get
as I have said your my everything  
that's not just in symbolism or rhetorical
 It not a synonym  acronym antonym a verb or pronoun
your everything to me  with a capital “E”
you are the sibling/sister that I wished I had
the one that would torture me, or held my hand
the times I was afraid, or if life got to crazy
the mother I would have wished for
one more caring and  encouraging beyond the minimal
your my best friend that I share everything
you are  my counsel/counselor my confident
our first night an unspoken trust availed
like I had never felt with anyone before
as you can see, your so many thing to me
you have taught to laugh how to smile
how see life as a glass half full
how love works in a family environment
how to approach life without  anger
you taught me how to love life
and to be a light for those around me
you know you were the first to give myself to
unlike most men that held little or no value
for me it still hold an even more special meaning
I gave my everything to the one
that I call my everything
Abby you are my first and only intimate love
I gave my heart with a kiss wrapped in love
the first time you held my hand
you made me feel like a man
not one time since have you emended
that night to you I was introduced
in you I seen a delicate flower
one every man wants to find
not like the ones in romance novels
there just make believe and live in the appendage
one that hungers to be love and can't get enough
the erotic side to spice things up in intimacy
one that has needs and fantasies  
one that show interest in daily thing
to be there like a sister,mother counselor  
to be there best friend and yes lover
you are all those thing and much more
you are my everything you have changed me
that first time you made love to me
not the time in the august heat
the first time you made love to me
that change the meaning for me  
being one that's what being one means
giving and feeling love equally
Gods way of love being shared perfectly
 Abby  when I say you are my everything
that is what you truly are my first childhood friend,
my first best friend, first girl friend, mother, sister,
my first love, and first lover,
I know you had a most of these before me
mother brother and friends
you knew what love was like first hand
I don't grieve for that loss experience in my life,
experiencing all these with you first with you
it make everything so much more
when I say you are my everything, you truly are
God is my first love, you are my second that's
the way things are. God showed his love for me
when he brought you to me, to fill those void
AND you filled them perfectly so you see today
is celebration of our love
everyday since the eleventh of June  it could be traced back to the first day in May.
That was the start of our everything

Written by 4Her411
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