Image for the poem A recap and recount of lockdown scenarios worldwide

A recap and recount of lockdown scenarios worldwide  

Humans have long trespassed  
and destroyed animal territories,  
Humans have poached  
And selfishly encroached  
upon animal habitats,  
cutting down trees  
to build human habitations.  

Now the tables have turned  
Humans are quarantined in house arrest  
while some lie sick in bedrest  
So animals not usually seen are having a field day  
roaming upon roads,  
crossing the streets.  
Reclaiming the once jungle lands,  
that had been turned into concrete urban jungles.  

It's better that busy humans now become photoholic  
than forever queueing in lines of heavy traffic.  
Without human pollution,  
nature is all the more photogenic.  

Mother nature all a creation of God has now had many of us grounded  
as she gives us a hiding  
while we go into hiding.  
Extraordinary turn of events indeed!!  
In several countries round the world: Discos and casinos vacated  
Pubs and nightclubs evacuated  
Bars shutdown for lockdown  
People are behind bars instead of guzzling beer in bars  
and instead of animals behind bars.  

Humans compelled to hibernate  
so animals busted their cell gate  
Priorly animals were in an enclosure  
Now they are getting free exposure Self-centred humans cared mostly about themselves  
but now the animal kingdom is the cynosure.  
Animals were shut in cages and now human activity is under similar closure.  

Ah, this corona crisis!  
Is all this mercenary stasis  
for humans a roasting nemesis?  

A heavy price to pay for rapacious carelessness and arrogance  
where humans acted like they are in control, like they are controllers of this planet  
and they could do anything they wish with it.  
It's ignorance to think all this is mere coincidence.  

Im relieved our prayers can be said any place, anywhere  
to kneel and bow to the one true real sustainer of the universe.  
We need to invoke and supplicate to the creator who is still in control...  
as prayer can really truly prevent fear anxiety and panic in such scary times.
Written by Zaynab_kamoonpury
Published | Edited 15th Jun 2021
Author's Note
Quote and news reports related to my poem above

("I suddenly realised that coincidence is a word we use when we are ignorant of the real causes." - Albert Salvadů
Quote and news reports related to my poem above

("I suddenly realised that coincidence is a word we use when we are ignorant of the real causes." - Albert Salvadů

(I was impressed by the news story in which Kuwait had sent a special plane to Italy to specially evacuate their nationals from there when Italy was heavily stricken with the corona virus.

I get impressed when govts spend money for their citizens.)

From latest news from past few months:
Covid-19 is 'not under control' and rates of the virus are actually accelerating, according to the head of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Ghebreyesus also warned that the US, Brazil and India, are among the worst affected countries in the world.

This warning comes after Donald Trump began the country's formal withdrawal
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