Image for the poem Sleep? (un-revised notes from a war zone).

Sleep? (un-revised notes from a war zone).

(Note: This will be the last of these entries I'll post here. I realize the subject and somewhat graphic images may deter readers, ESPECIALLY ladies.)
Lack of sleep is an ever present anathema for most of us. The quality of sleep our Company manages is far from the R.E.M. variety; itís more like a teased semi-consciousness.
Tightly closed eyes get ready and convinced to force fantasies and home dreamsÖ but rats, unfamiliar noises, noxious odors, rifle or rocket fire (far away or closer than trained ears felt comfortable hearing), choppers, insects, incessantly hard rains on tents, ponchos or corrugated metal roofs, indigestion, unrelenting heat, fear of what fates could intervene before morning, replays of the previous day, stories (real or apocryphal), an empty hand at mail-callÖall can inevitably combine, persist, protest and impose only an eventual, grudging quasi-sleep.
Insomnia induced by geography and circumstance is a chain that extends day after day to dilute the senses. Just one more factor---one more layer--- to bend the psyche and produce actions / reactions that make a Marine triple-think everything or just guess and excuse the consequences.
The pseudo-rest that arrives from sheer fatigue repeats- compounds- consumes us from the inside; it leaves idiopathic infections, psychic contusions and phantom scars that we wear like bad tattoos and incongruous nicknames.
Even if you can somehow function despite all that, you still know (from somewhere deep down in you, where nobody goes) that Mr. and Mrs. charlie-gook-dink-slant-slope (and their kids) are busy in some valley waiting to f**k with all or part of you. †Iíve seen too much of that already; it canít be trained for.
None of us have any illusions about our daily tight-rope here, but a few extra zzzzs couldnít hurt.

Written by Bon_Mot
Author's Note
I'll return to love poetry. :-)
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