Angela Levin: the delusional and evilly verminous Yid scum; self-servingly and wilfully more egregious than Covid-19!

By Stanley Collymore

Angela Levin a royal expert:
at saying what precisely?
Just what she has been
told to say, but has no
knowledge, either objectively or
practically, in the least sensibly  
and convincingly as pertinent
to such personally! As Angela  
Levin is irrefutably a wholly
loathsome,  obnoxious and
a clearly obsessively trolling
Yid old hag; attendant also  
with being, a menopausal  
and Karen version, of the  
inured, racist misogynist  
Piers Morgan; and often
like him never misses a  
turn, especially among  
evilly likeminded, and
exclusively perceived  
to be, their privileged  
white peers; to rather  
vilely but quite aptly  
so, assiduously push
her deceitful Angela
Levin's dire racially
motivated and also  
trifling irrelevance.

Angela Levin: this utterly  
self-serving pillock in a
Daily Mail article - but
where else? - heinous  
in extremis lambasted her mother
crucially from her very own sick
perspective, for allegedly being
a bloody awful, and absolutely  
inhuman person. Significantly  
and apparently only the likes
of Angela Levin are crucially  
free, to so vitriolically abuse  
subjectively overstated 'bad
parents' irrespective in this
circumstance of doubtfully  
trustworthy in reality, this
attention grabbing Angela  
Levin moot assertion was  
cringe worthy imaginary  
or lyingly, wilfully false!  

However, if you're an African
American female, married  
as Angela Levin - rather  
ironically as a Yid and Kraut Nazi
mindset person - so sickeningly  
sees as being very unworthily  
wedded, because of her Black  
origins, to a member of what  
quite significantly is clearly  
an undeniably entrenched;
crucially Germanic, British  
hereditary family, who in
thoroughly conscionably
and properly, justifiable  
circumstances honestly  
severs herself and also  
her loved family, from
a clearly disreputably  
biological father, who
so crucially to Angela  
Levin,  her fellow sick  
and vile racist haters,
is importantly white;

but a father well aware of
what he was doing, and
also fully cognizant  
of what previous  
similar actions by others had done
to your: this Black woman's, late
mother in law Diana's life and  
equally egregiously her son
Harry; your husband and  
 a tremendous father to
your dear son Archie.
Yet your dad whom
you loved dearly;
so significantly  
motivated by  
very selfish

very unilaterally saw fit
to sell dubious stories  
relating, not only to
yourself, Meghan  
but similarly your husband Harry  
to the paparazzi vultures and the
deeply inured, right-wing racist  
British media; that then as they
unceasingly and unmistakably  
still implausibly are - were so  
evidently quite diametrically  
against your nuptials within  
the Windsor family and too  
eagerly inflict the identical  
inimical harm concertedly  
and evilly co-ordinated by  
these self-same paparazzi  
their palace coordinators  
and establishment racist
coterie of brownnossing  
sick fawners like Angela  
Levin, meted out to your
Mum-in-law, Diana. Still
yourselves Meghan and  
Harry listening to these  
evilly verminous lepers  
should, unquestionably,
forgive Thomas Markle  
letting him readily, not
just in your individual  
life or Harry's too, but
your children; why so
when significantly he  
has strongly crucially  
exhibited no regrets?  

Maybe Angela Levin's mother
quite judiciously saw from  
the outset what this toxic
scumbag she bore, and
brought into the world, really is
and accordingly very naturally  
reacted as she allegedly did. A  
sad pity though, that Angela's
mum didn't go much further  
and individually damnably  
dispense with, this largely  
unbridled, basically toxic  
verminous scum; whom
she conceived, and was
regrettably also largely  
responsible for clearly
creating Angela's birth

that was a disastrous
occurrence not just
directly after this
Angela Levin was born; but sadly
similarly so, after she'd actually  
reached adulthood. Well after
that Angela's mum could very
convenientl so, generally too,
favourably; rather plausibly, essentially and significantly  
beneficially to all intelligent
personages, who  make up
humanity plead temporary  
insanity; that laudably and  
wisely bearing in mind the
compelling circumstances;
any intelligent jury would,
quickly and unanimously  
be of a mind, that Angela  
Levin, from the outset of  
her being here on Planet  
Earth has markedly and
undeniably been wholly  
inessential, pertinent to  
Homo sapiens progress;
and then aptly so acquit  
a sane mum of murder!

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
8 June 2021.

Author's Remarks:  
Firstly: My heartiest congratulations to Meghan and Harry on the birth and safe arrival of your newborn daughter and fittingly a sister for Archie. I'm absolutely delighted for your entire family. God Bless and keep you safe; and continue to take care of yourselves! My thoughts are blessedly with you.

Secondly to all you racist haters and low-life scum with no meaningful lives of your own: Meghan and Harry are perfectly at liberty to name their children what they want to! And certainly don't need any advice or vitriolic sarcasm about this from anyone; and particularly those who're well known to obsessively change their original names in order to rather deceptively blend into whatever society they either choose or are enforcedly made to infest, while simultaneously meticulously hiding their true identities!
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