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Lost In The Hard Thrust Of His Heat

Mmso you want to slimmer in my silken juices
While allowing me to elevate the rise of your temperature
Bedazzling me to taste the essence of my inner soul
Spreading me before the pleasure of your eyes
Fingers from my lips your drag slowly down my body

Over my Brazilian waxed mound, oh sweet mercy... a quick kiss
Tasting the spices of my melanin all over your famished tongue
My clit lips you sniff before you divide
Dining off me as an appetizer for your carnal feast to seductively devour
The lust of your palate refusing to be depraved

Licking my sugary pinkish treat
My coatings slowly melting in his mouth
His tongue coated with the flavor of this sweet
Two fingers in union easing in and out my kitty cat
They dance in my dewy abyss, my essence he licks off like a snack

The fountain of his posture
Sprung forth, to seek and invade the cove of impending rapture
My soft palm worshiping the width
Teasing the rigid elongation
Wanting, needing, to feel the pearly flow of his reckoning, stain my tongue
He hungers for the seepage of my climatic rainfall
His grunts falling prey to coveting his throbbing pulsation
Drooling in the rush of my savory drippings
Fulfilling his greed smoothly down my thraot

Trails of kissing to the the dime head left in its wake
Im breathless in the aftermath
My spine mating silk comfort of persuasion
His robust thigh gapping my legs
Overtaking my Chi in the sweetest submission
Sinful pleads, once inside for the second coming of his deepening glory
Palming the mattress wrapping my inner thighs around his virility
My soft folds resting againt the sliding pleasure of his craving
The silken creaminess awaiting the volcanic pearly flow of his lust

Overlapping my hand for the alluring baptism
Mm... slipping the master key deep inside me
Oh God he feels good when deep inside, carousing his girth
Colliding when I gyrate to tease, meeting his relentless strokes to appease
Yes yes... giving you all my breathless, my worth

Turning, twisting, ankles pined behind my head
Dominating me with wisps of carnal hunger, sliding back and forth
Reaching down to my wet south
Smearing my jucies all around his mouth
Tongues hooking
My scent to my lips heightening the pleasure
Gripping the headboard
His arousal sinking deeper and deeper all up in my wet treasure

Unlocking the essential of my rooted cravings
Kissed by the slicken entrance of ecstasy
In the wakening of such gravitating force
Slower baby, it feels so darn good when Im misbehaving

The dewiness of its accumulation
Creating, peaking, seeping
Bodies sinking, drowning in the cyclone of heated desires
A beautiful wave of minds, endorphins blending
His adrenaline pumping harder, my moans answering from the mending
Yes... I am the seductress moth, between my thighs
Tasting the wetness of my abyss, bathing in the sizzling fire of my moistness drips
Plummeting, chiseling my inner passion in its current of ripening

Our bodies merging into one another
Drenched, sedated, panting in the reverberation
Labored breaths of contentment echoed
You know its nothing like the feeling
When being lost in the hard thrust of his heat
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
It's a pity nobody believes in simple lust anymore.

Ava Gardner
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