Why has this insignificant couple: Edward and Sophie Windsor, not made any impact until Meghan came into the picture?

By Stanley Collymore

Everybody, at some time
or other in their earthly
life realistically makes  
mistakes, either unintentionally or
otherwise; except, of course, you
with your clearly so, idiotically  
unimpressive to each thinking  
individual, double-barrelled
surname, Sophie Helen Rhys  
Jones: keen social climbing,
Stepford broodmare, wife;
and in discernibly queer
situation that you're very  
distinctively in Sophie, a
most dishonest and avid
public deflector, relative  
to the true nature of the  
apt spineless militarily,  
but pretentious macho,
heterosexual husband;
that clearly because of
his specific privileged  
and inbred hereditary  
lineage you hurriedly  
and eagerly wed, and  
this despite Edward's  
obvious, and quite so
characteristic failing;
essentially so to you,  
seen as superfluous.

And you Sophie, of all
people, ought really  
to staunchly keep
in mind that like Fergie you were  
caught on camera selling access  
to the Windsor family; equally  
rather conveniently, omitting  
to either acknowledge or say
that for this you fortunately  
were forgiven. So basically  
you should maybe: wisely,
thoughfully, logically and  
conscionably too eagerly  
alight from your clearly  
hellishly arrogant, high  
horse, which generally
you honestly wouldn't  
condescendingly now  
be on had it not been
for this clear second  
chance given to you.
Rank hypocrisy that
is what it is, Sophie;
asininely expecting  
and also repugnant  
in extremis, clearly  
demanding perfection from  
others you ridiculously or
racially despise; when in
actual fact, Sophie Rhys  
Jones you are yourself  
far removed by every  
practical summation  
from every morally  
or rational finding.

It's also highly unbecoming  
Sophie Rhys Jones of any
human being who, like
you, does proselytize  
her or himself, as a
superb role model when
even delusionally, such  
demented obsessions  
could not be further  
than they are from  
the painful truth!

(C) Stanley V. Collymore  
5 June 2021.

Author's Remarks:  
In 1967 in England and Wales; 1980 in Scotland and 1982 in Northern Ireland the Sexual Offences Act legalized consensual and in private homosexual activities between two men who had attained the age of 21 years. In 2013 the UK parliament further passed the Marriage Same Sex Couples Act in England and Wales.

Yet numerous people in the UK, white and particularly among its hereditary, purported aristocratic, parliamentary and financial elites: both men and women, who're undeniably deeply ingrained and involved practising homosexuals and lesbians, most deceitfully and fraudulently, cynically, convivially and brazenly enter seemingly, from a public perspective - and that is precisely what these sexual liars want - superficially authentic heterosexual marriages to throw the wider and gullible plebeian sheep off the scent that one or both of them is actually a Queer or Dyke; or actually acquiescent, in their financially or social climbing role, in what is really but most deceitfully going on! And very disgustingly, in my opinion, doing so in a country where these sexual acts, perverse and perverted to many people however, are nevertheless quite legal. Seriously, such untenable behaviour: desecratiing the realms of decent and conscionably moral heterosexual marriage in this callous and cynical way is like an imbecile fucking well breaking down the front door of the actual house where he or she lives to gain entry there; while all the time, a d quite literally so, having the keys to that said house knowingly in their hands. And exacerbated by their close pal who is presently with them, while all this chicanery is going on, avidly and self-servingly going along with the ludicrous farce! Get exactly where I'm coming from Edward Windsor and Sophie Helen Rhys Jones?

Generally the legal activities of these Queers and Dykes are their own sick and twisted business I say until these bloody and mainly, firmly entrenched racist assholes take to hypocritically and with their very feigned mora6 - like that evidenced from Edward and Sophie Windsor - vitriolically embark on their attention seeking and transient escape from nonentity irrelevance, most vile and absurdly set about, and rather unconvincingly so, crucifying Meghan and Harry.

Harry and Meghan are discernibly a genuine heterosexual couple! Let me pass that categorical and irrefutable remark pass you again Edward and Sophie; then ask yourselves why I've specifically done that. A question the answer to which the two of you are already very cognizant of I'm absolutely sure!  But if you pretend not to, publicly at least, then I suggest that you take a long and hard look at yourselves in the mirror! What do you honestly see as a result? Furthermore, Harry and Meghan aren't into paedophilia or fucking underage kids; nor are they wanted by the American FBI for questioning relative to any sort of or activities associated with paedophilia. Besides,  as the heterosexual married couple that Meghan and Harry constitute, they openly live in California, which is within the legal jurisdiction of the American FBI. Regrettably, as a means of draining the British paedophilia and other activities of licentious and gross illegal acts of immorality, Britain nor the royal households per se don't come under the jurisdiction of the FBI. And the hereditary and other UK privileged elites, as well as their gullible and fawning brownnosers, well know this; just as they're equally well aware that the Metropolitan Police, Scotland Yard and the British judiciary - all part of the same privileged club - aren't going to do bugger all to curtail these egregious but for themselves highly delightful pastimes of theirs. So, instead, as a diversionary tactic viciously castigate Harry but particularly his Black American wife for exposing the Windsors for what they really are and by so doing bring all the white, racist, colonial and other delusionally held, white supremacist notions crashing to the ground. White Britons mostly and their Useful Idiots allies don't care about right or wrong - as they have no notion of such noble concepts; what excites them are the fictional ideas surrounding their monarchy, hereditary and financial elites - who emphatically don't really give a shit about them - as the sick delusions that Britain is everlastingly a great world power. Like a washed up prize fighter who refuses to acknowledge that he's over the hill, and his supposedly ongoing greatness lives only in his sick and twisted fantasies. Like a Donald J. Drumpf refusing to acknowledge he's a loser; and accounts for why he has so many white fans across the pond, here in Britain!

C of E Bishop of Lewes and Gloucester Peter Ball: an inured, odious and convicted paedophile was a longstanding and also a close, personal friend of Charles Windsor who, having done everything he could with others of his societal ilk not to have Peter Ball prosecuted; when that inevitability occurred  however and Peter Ball was convicted of the most egregiously committed acts of paedophilia over multiple years  against numerous victims while serving as an ordained member of the same Church of England that Charles will hereditarily become head of when his mother dies, Charles who'd done all he could to have this odiou fiend and close buddy of his not be charged or convicted, when the latter two occurred however, Charles insultingly to the intelligence of anyone with a functioning brain in their head and who knows how to use it, quite dishonestly and lyingly claimed he'd no idea what Peter Ball had gotten up to as regards his pernicious acts of paedophilia. Yet there are so many of you who never had, don't now or will ever have a relationship of any kind with Meghan Markle still know better than Meghan herself what she personally gets up to. Lying double standards or what? Anyway, because of Peter Ball's connections with Charles he only got a slap on the wrist from the UK courts; any plebian would have got life! Yet you social elite, hereditary and fawning prats never learn. Jimmy Savile who, conveniently so, was not exposed while he was alive, for obvious reasons, had the absolute full run of Buckingham Palace, the other royal residences and furthermore was on personal first name terms with the residents there as well as the stooges who work in these elite dens of iniquity. Just too, as he Jimmy Savile was until he died with significant sections of the UK establishment and their white privileged elites. In addition to being hailed and regarded as a veritable saint by all you ignorant white, plebeian and brownnosing serfs!

Andrew Windsor was a close buddy of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell: paedophiles, underage girl traffickers and the suppliers of illegal sex to the rich and the influential. Andrew: the brother of Edward and brother in law of Sophie is wanted by the FBI for questioning in regards to the aforementioned as he was a clear beneficiary of these activities; but evidently and rather relentlessly every attempt is made by those with power and influence in the UK to shield Andrew from the requisite day of reckoning with the American FBI; and unsurprisingly the royalist fawners and sycophantic brownnosers react accordingly as they are instructed to by the very distinctly aristocratic or else corporate owned British rags and their semi-literate hacks. And clearly while distinctly hypocritical pillocks like Sophie Rhys Jones and Edward Windsor are currently keen to jump on board the orchestrated bandwagon directed most specifically at Meghan but equally also at Harry for falling in love with Meghan, marrying her and lovingly fathering their children; in marked contrast there's absolutely silence about one specific but equally so other major paedophile elephants, odious Queers and Dykes distinctively and often rather cynically masquerading as ordinary loving heterosexual couples within the very adulterous and dysfunctional Windsor Klan, when in reality the truth is very much the opposite; and most of these so-called marriages are acts of sexual, public appearance and principally hereditary financial expediency!

Rolf Harris: another paedophile,  was chosen with great fanfare to paint a portrait of Elizabeth in Buckingham Palace where perceived Niggers and the like are barred from being there or in other royalist households and with the specific blessing of an exemption from the Race Discrimination Act,  which was secretly negotiated between Buckingham Palace and UK governments. All the same such Niggers are perfectly at liberty and most welcomed to fight, risk their lives and even die for so-called Queen and Country; while hereditary son and cowardly - not manly up to scratch, nancy boy Edward Windsor, like the wimp he is and has always been  - in more respects than one - can along with a prized prat and social climbing nerd as his showcase wife, namely yourself Sophie Rhys Jones, most happily turn a Nelsonian Eye to Edward's known and vile perversity; while rather idiotically Sophie Rhys Jones patently making yourself look more ignorant than you're generally known to be, by asininely trying to poke fun at Harry who is a genuine Armed Forces veteran in tandem with doing the same in relation to his very well university educated and also an active civil rights campaigner, plus a mentally liberated Black woman, who has made her own way in the world; unlike you Sophie Rhys Jones as the inured scroungers you, Edward and your respective family members are, while lazily relying on the idiotic British taxpayers to keep you morons assiduously in the manner you think you're quite entitled to. And in case you'll like to conveniently choose to forget, Sophie Rhys Jones and Edward Windsor, Meghan and Harry both voluntarily chose to leave your dysfunctional family. And how ironic that it's clearly something that neither you nor Edward: the professed epitome of white supremacy and a delusional master race, quite literally as well as figuratively haven't the balls to do.  Oh, and by the way, what has Elizabeth done with the Rolf Harris portrait now the world knows him for the paedophile that he is? Has it become a prized heirloom within the Windsor Klan?

You Sophie Rhys Jones and Edward also criticized Oprah Winfrey  - hardly surprising since anyone that is a friend of Meghan must be so treated by sick minds like yours - questioning disingenuously who Oprah Winfrey is? How asininely can you get? Actually, as well you know, Oprah Winfrey is something and someone you'll never be in a million light years: Stepford broodmare that you evidently are. A billionaire is this discernibly influential Black woman; and someone is undeniably well known internationally; and who clearly made her name and her fortune by virtue of her own innate abilities.

While with you Sophie and husband Edward it's essentially a queer story and situation where most people in Britain, to be totally honest, wouldn't be able to honestly pick you out in a line up, even if they were paid to do so. And as far as the wider world is concerned, you Sophie Rhys Jones and Edward Windsor don't exist, as they've never seen nor heard of you two irrefutably and utterly irrelevant nonentities!

So, specifically from me, just literally piss off the two of you when it comes to you gratuitously criticising Meghan and Harry, you overblown nonentities, and quite simply crawl back into your stinking queer sewer of obscurity!

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