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Wildflowers [ballad]

Oft slow I'll pass by the Olde Flower Shop,
adore each delightful bouquet,
considering you'd most surely love one,
but I lack the coinage to pay.
Hang then my head low in sorrowful shame,
strolling sadly on down the road ...
knowing how I have once more let you down,
and it's not so easy a load.
Money troves in the bank nor great riches,
not likely I'll own very much;
yet, all I have to give is yours, my love ...
I'm not very handsome, as such.
My eyes dimmer, too ... tho, still just as blue;
this old heart beats warmly and strong,
while all the time, my thought痴 dwelling on You,
I know they're there ~ where they belong.
I dream of being your deserving man,
days in-love you'll smile upon me;
all the world alive in its lovely glow,
my spirit soars higher and free.
There 'long the roadside...hopeful, they beckon,
their colours so vividly strong,
in the breeze, lovely wildflowers dancing;
like You ~ in my heart they belong.
There are so many, they beg to be picked,
but I知 not that greedy a guy,
softly caressing the textures of each,
grateful hands agree with the eye.
With bounty held close, aromas so sweet,
no wider smile my face has known.
No vase yet received a lovelier treat,
nor flora from God's fields e弾r grown.
It's said I'm not all that much to look at,
my body is not quite as buff;
my hair's thinned-out now, all silver 'n grey,
and my love is never enough.
Yet, I'll strive to be a more worthy man
with money enough that you'll know,
I can afford the most gorgeous bouquet
a man's hand did ever bestow.
Down on my knees, I'll present it with love,
while begging your forgiveness, too ...
that I'm not up to par lacking by far,
but I'll try my heart out for You.
Meanwhile, darling dear, I hope You can hear
the soft urging beat of my heart.
It's murmuring to You, "Please, accept true,
these Wildflowers ~ as a new start."

Written by RichardJ
Published | Edited 6th Jun 2021
Author's Note
Just a simple bard he,
but his heart was free....

Composed in Ballad form with a flowing 10/8/10/8 syllable-count,
Just a simple bard he,
but his heart was free....

Composed in Ballad form with a flowing 10/8/10/8 syllable-count,
in an easy x-b-x-b, x-d-x-d, x-f-x-f, etc; rhyme scheme.
Try one, you'll like it. : )
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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