Disablot rite for Skadi

Disablot, the Norse feast of the disir, valkyrie
Nurturing the foremothers
Introduction, opening
Oh great foremothers, disir, valkyries, godesses
mothers of the earth, sky, of the sea, the land
of the fire, of creation, fertile mother
of all that is, all that becomes, mother of the trees
I greet you, I greet you
In the circle of the foremother
there is the lineage of my family
my family roots and the ones
that have come before me
and in all the faces of these women
mine own is reflected
As now I will honor Skadi
Oh Skadi, white she wolf
of the Northers region
I crave mine place in the lore
as I search for a clue
in my own possible origin
Oh Skadi, huntress of frost
Huntress within the shadow
God bride of Vanir
You who bemoaned the seagulls
You who are of Other
and of Otherly
where no friend or feud
can find you
I now imagine a beauteous thread
scarlet with spun gold, gem encrusted
a garland of fragrant kisses
encircles me, a garland of
fragrances lands in the space
around me, hangs woven
in the space around me
These and all offerings
hold your imprint, and the imprint
of your own self
hearing a voice say
you are in the Wyrd
you are in the Wyrd
where sound fabrics creation
into runes of being
beings of runes
that are sung
with the nurturing
of Skadi
I bemoaned the seagulls
I am of Other , of Otherly
where no friend
or feud
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