Have you ever dreamt that you were in a room and knew that you shouldn't be there
Although it was dark you knew that there was entrails on the floor and blood everywhere
The scent and scene is dam near pornographic it's so vile
Your better judgement succumbs allowing your imagination to run wild

You see chains with hooks hanging from the beams
You're clutching a serrated blade with a brass knuckle handle ready to ream
Your face is torn in a mad man's smile
You lie down in the entrails and reminisce for awhile

Yes you can see it oh so clear how you got them each to show up here
It wasn't a reunion, that you knew them, or that they were oh so near and dear
A promise of music with free food and drinks brought in more than half
And with a promise of hatred the rest followed suit, not knowing that I laughed under my mask

No one realize that this was Guyana and Jim Jones made the punch
But the first to die, was the first to get a hunch
Ooh to cut through the jugular and feel your self sprayed in the face
And to open your mouth wider not realizing that you liked the taste

This announces the start of the music, as the screams dam near burst your eardrums
Overhead lights turned off, strobe lights turned on so that you can see everyone run
Motherfuckers lifted on to hooks slam dancing in the air
Bitches moving to a rhythm as the blade rips and tears

Doors locked and chain as a mic stand enters a bitches brain
Not to masturbate then and there was hard to refrain
I blacked out for the briefest of moments as waves of pleasure washed over me
Then transformed into Zorro as I slashed everyone else with a Zee

Disemboweled and hanged from hooks,
A room of souls being harvested by only one crook
The dance floor opens with the glow from the pit
The sweet smell of hell is all up in this bitch

There are stairs appearing from out of no wheres
Descending into the heat and screams down there
With me taking the lead and marching everyone down one step at a time
This is but one fucked up thing that runs through my mind
Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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