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F.M.L.A. A.K.A. an ode Two Fucked Minds LeethaLee ANNecdotes...

F.M.L.A. A.K.A. an ode Two Fucked Minds LeethaLee ANNecdotes...

Dumbed Down Version

The heart wants what the art vaunts; now a heart haunts; because the part's flaunt; we love ma charts traunts pump smarts then pen jumpstarts wants too need; she yearns true greed; Lee learns knew deed; see turns, grew seed; tree burns through weed
ass eye set sails;
Love source lost force off course;
butt roped boat soft force;
ofcourse boast G.O.A.T.
Toast oath; groped quote;
stroked note; stoked wrote;
hoped float; soaked; coat;
rub, etc. gently;
dub sex gent still Lee;
inhibitions from sum shun;
sin; rib; bitch; suns tried to bumrush me;
the fifth element end my script tell 'em scent even intelligent; tried two
hush me...
Hun think dumb crush me on the one brink bust me; son ink rusty; butt sum
trust me;
Ass Lee reaching sweet birth; we breaching feet first!..

*See preaching

"Sheet thirst!.."

Rib; Bic; Tree leeching;
bib lick Lee teaching; sweet verse;
id must be a mushy touchy subject foretold end public pour mold more souls simplee; butt eye was riddling love morsels of moist ode in :::m:orse c:od:e:::more so penned end worse words win pen horse rode; clicking heels; licking heals; flicking spills; picking thrills; bicKing hills; scripting quills reveal reverse turds we feeel Lee curse words;
wild she was scribbling in cursives mentally width her pencil she sensually stenciled;
around Miss burning🔥 bUSh 🔥...
Who's pussy is this¿
The ground discerning gush;
Lee kissed see mi(d)st;
A sound astound;
bliss churning hook...
Thief of seven sees and eleven arts
parts of Lee; Kevin heart's earning cook;
laughing thanks; graphing banks;
Her yearning look threw my
owe pen Learning Book; entitled;
"Mask King…"
Ink drop think plot
Last thing asking; "Ass stings..?"
Tasking catching the drift end my script is Like catching hacksaws;
matching Mac *clause;
batching lack flaws;
last Spring "bLack" pause;
grasping at straws;
snatching pat paws;
scratching cat claws;
gasping at awes;
clasping P.H.A.T. draws;
now eye returning took<<<<
cum stroll walk;
sea treat delete control alt
Killer love vault endtwo a pillar of sum soul salt...
Oops! That's iller bruh's fault...
She keep a buzz off Lee's love malt liqueur...
Ink dddddddddrip.s.; soft lower pink lips; oft Lick her...
Lee sighing; "Bye"
Sea eyeing sky;
She flying high;
Loft lift her...
Cough gift her;
eye "God bless" her type blues;
hype fused haikus like cues sight clues write choose hatchus;
catch knews from hike; botch views;
notch shoes; watch use see inn inn...

*Lee grin

Pen is subliminal, yes innstrumentall text width gentle line blessed mental mind sexxx see eye script her tattoos at views that Blues cat clues can't begin two blind guess through line text find next...
This season you grind necks; threw wind sex; Miss see sun true sign sext blew mind next wild Shee Threw up a piece
of the peace of duece's ✌     ✌
EyEs cried; " F men!" smell spray.!? Craving F.M.L.A. butt it's useless..!
Use this
doPE peN
*Leethal fused two words two make knew words now she roped in…
Flow sea been tides
Show see pen hides;
Go free insides;
though she been fried sew she then tried two masturbate sensuallee at a faster pace menstruallee; losing lace mentallee; using her indexxx win my pen flex caster case...
Yes; Pastor grace amazingllee choosing two due things… The maze bring removing trace;
re-oozing space past her taste...
She wetting beds; butt allsew stars...
Lee betting cred he letting leads tread louder than words;
Tall flow setting bars...
Babe; truth see roof win ewe
sound my hound backwards...
Grab your poop bags win eye poop pads;
Pen fly Loop adds; stack turds…
Welcome back nerds...
Whack words ass this star get actress…
Knew sheriff (*true shur is!;)
Partial Martial Artist at this target practice…
I'll have joy; fun width my toy gun;
Butt when bulls eye shoot gift in my script;
Boy run!..
Doc duck;
Dock duck;
Duck dock;
Quack heard back word...
Baby truth maybe goofed; but proctor pooper scooped
Doctor tRuth sea proof
be looseleafs now…
Cast scene:
Skeet; skeet sleek sleet sheets width neat sweet heat;
Juice spring splash ring past her lash; wing like stash write cha-ching cash clash her face...
Dime tribe honey eye'mmm bribe money; crime cried funny side sunny; write rhyme runny like sing mask her face... If this were a stripper role this bic wood be a stripper pole two strip her soul... She wood pen dance good in trance wild eye script her scroll...
eye literally could due This forever!!!
like bic figure skates;
Inn fin knit tea signs;
Godd pen twiin; witty minds;
Bodd then opened thighs;
eye opened eyes;
Now oceaned skies reign flows stain glows like rainbows win blinds owepen...
Wow both pen wise...
play ahh butt say awe;
oh pen [W  id  E]
She frequently free frequencies sew she can see windexxx glass blurr space...
Nexxxt chapter after eyes capture her rapture;
Sexxx Class her case...

Yes ask her taste win eye replace the "seae" space we scene between her earlobes eye fear closed end Dolby per sound clear surround sphere GL🌎BE
we scene her sheer robes of many lovers; talk pen: colossal walk-inn closet wear the moss grow tall fossil faucet; plenty covers of mini colors; loss met love any discovers like prized pen in Cracker Jacks Boxxx inside of hard taper jacks jocks and paperbacks; socks;
a few centerfolds who scent her clothes attached width stapler tacks; clocks…
Tick; tock knot clock butt time bomb as rhyme bomb like cherry; write very
see saw as
Ink stain flows like Pink Rainbows end BLACK and White; fear; pain probes ass dear Brain blows!.. Send black hand write.
Wow! That's how the game goes for lame bros named Joes and Jane Does;
Ass trouble sea gradually know double D batteries in hour vibrations; pen shower
🔥fire hydrations from a higher pen power prior zen tower high stations...
From hour rearview id was clear ewe cum hear dew two knew cum shower ass my pink inks sink endtwo God's soul spread;
Lee likely be like sea; talking pen thanks; walking thin planks width hobbled leads; watching wobbled LLegs ass she gobbled leads like; "Bonnie & Clyde"
ride side two side bobble heads...
WhiLE Eye write; she ride throttled reads over pothole treads; this pen is burning through rubbers like hot cold beds...
My pen angled; spy entangled strange flows...
Range shows lust Lee breathe plus she conceive we can weave cobbled webs...

Doctor locked door to play nurse oar two lay verse mentally killin' the puss see like rocked core; true slay hurst..!

Think Whoo knew ink voodoo wood leave my boo; bae cursed?!?
Rome was rock and rolling stone from home; butt "hoo hoo" flied two play first...
More lead ride banter fore your bedside manner poor whore head hide banner that said;
"spread Leggs L/i\kE rEad Sees..."
Said write lead tease two strip back true flame layers between two game players win eye script fACT giftwrapped...
Sew sit back; criss cross; lips smacked;
Kiss gloss; list stats; get lost while my pen paint pictures like twin saint scriptures write in quaint fixture easels because she loves the elixers in my re-mixture people…
Leethal's quicker sand slicker strand is sicker than a tricker plan for Measles and Chicken Pops...
Please souls believe flows and quick pen drops; switch spin crops;
Hear cheers; next nears rears;
Bottoms up!..
Now she drunk off Lee funk;
Butt this just ;bic pen shots:

"Her" name was; FrankLee my dear let us call her An Ann; Anne; Annd AaNnDd;
If you due give a dayum...
And you've allready been jedeye miiind fucked if you can understand underhand wonder plan...
Please accept my stutters ass my iiink sputters; cummming from Anne's pink gutters...
Blowing psyches explored;
the past presently best toured;
Lee seeing she being Leethallee penjected introveniousLee width lead dove instead of pen flow penisLee threw this wild
true bliss child throwing strikes...
Lowering wall joint think knowing like
🎳 ballpoint ink flowing dikes…
Pen the tale on donkey;
ass won key is eye'm flowing kites;
Rhyme Glowing brights;
Mime showing writes;
Who kneeds tow trucks win eye'mmm To~WIN~g~ bikes..?
End other words her hitch like two thumbs up and a hitchhike… My script I drip her slipper sew she ditch Nike; switch pitch bike; butt random thought id was tandem bought scan sum sought miiind was like writing a nation scary psyche riding a stationary bike word playing my verbs sLaying; hike gliding a stationary write...
Now her singed clock binged watch my station every night...
Like my flow on Netflixxx
Next mix I'm off to the nest/sticks to rest quick then pen spin off two the next bics to bless next chicks...
This surreal serial quiller a serious serial killer; butt eye don't get dicks unless eye get Trixxx...
Is my battle wit the sexes sexist if bic wet chicks..?
When Calgon's smiles gone eye take bae away the weigh time travelers due it…
True wit fluid like Marty McFly write smart be that high; now whoo wet.!?
Dipstick; lip; lick oar; bic
How ewe check???
Sink your thinks endtwo my iiiink bubble bath...
Eye'll rewind Lee line style sea time wild design end your mind using lust finest double math plus minus trouble path mixed width hieroglyphics...
Pen is Phoenix xx 🔥 from ashes;
Pyro Myth Bics…
Threw Cain's due pain two train;
sea my rhymes Able two tale times table
Like a Chinese abacus…
Line sees; fabulous!..
Mind sexxx leads two mind tease ass time freeze... Add pad grab true lust...

Alphabet soup fore Lee spoiled love soul bae;
then roll; play pen roleplay what her soul say;
sink intwo skin like bull spray Oil of Ole'...
Mind blown frummm summm seeds sewn
Win ewe have touched down; losing breath; beating drum need's zone...
This be hard rhymes on the Fifty Yard line
hour grass is allways greener;
pic Lee yard sign...
Bic these hard times like Curtis Blow;
butt write word this flow in snow sew
dope eye wrote end smoke signals

Pen cloke big lulls…
Eye wheel leave ewe Screaming; "Jehova write!.."
My inner Lee Hova might
Hypnotize flow wise win eye drip know lies;
Rolling three strikes like a turkey width three cobra bite...

Pump and rhyme then bump and grind width summm mind sexxx
Yummm sign; "Yes!"
Caught up in the rapture believing the chapter after receiving dumb ClimmmaxxX;
know brain; onLee lips on script flow stains like read lipstick
Lead dipstick
Head trip trick
Dead; R.I.P. kick; the bucket ass she suck it...
Lee taunted intellectual crumb conceptual she wanted sum consensual non-sexual healing like
Al Green win smile seemed two role back in her head then scroll black in sir lead...
Pen reread then rewiiiiind the fine print win the line scent smells like Lee mind sexxx...
eYE Put a s.p.e.L.L. on ewe
LikE linE Hexxx...
[E]ye'm Sir Real like
[A] surreal cereal killer;
[T]ales write Dine Chexxx plus summm Campbell's scoop can of bull soup nectar from Hannibal Lecter; dumb hand bib call lecture people saying Grace; evil saving face; Leethal think spraying taste sequel sLaying place; peephole


graving waste sea show below


Pink peep show shaving lace end my cutting room floors more gutting loom pours…

*This poem is a inKspired response to (Damon) da_poetic_edifier’s: “Mind Sex…”

Leethal 5.27.2021

~~✂~~Cutting Room Floor~~✂~~~

Uneven iF EWe sum vegan we can steal eat hour veggi3s. Replaced the "E" wit a "3" then put your legs wear your head be...

She was head guest two bee on bed rest; the chapter after we read test; capture she said; "Yes; Lee lead blessed!.."
Rewind texxxt she whined; "XXX" for mind sexxx...
Sly pink lust truth;
my ink bust proof;
her panties gushed juice;
butt love was rust-proof
Like Line-XXX
eYE SEnSE Eye scent her subliminals now she loves smooth criminals who
"still" hearts..
Lee dub hymnals; you feel GoddLee arts in body parts..?
Whale sink
eper inTwO Pink brain powers
Ink stain ours
Link chain towers
Stink; pain sours

My iiiiiink needs an ink refill
Eye think Lee iLL

My kind flexxx mind sexxx LiKE GinYouWine pecs and abs LEavE specs on pad poem add xxx
Now you're porn addicts win poem adlibs
WoW she believe she Lee's Eve win Lord add ribs...
Four hour barbecue
Poor tower hardly knew
Before the phat lady sung this drip drop at the tip top of baby lung; she was maybe sprung forwards love tongue fore words know King's English; butt onLee show Queen's cunnilingus
Fun wheel spring us...

Lee's just Jesus; God just made twiin
I used to use ballpoints then trade in win eye pulled the grenade pen
eye shoot sheets now they looseleafs
Eye'm a Shepard; eye don't lose sheep eYE LLose sLEEp

Mind sexxx from my cerebellum
Summm body better tell 'em yell; "Yummm!.."
eye am sew sweet spreading sees eye need two sail summmm
eYE Am sew SwEEt spREADing seeS EyE need two sale summmm
eYE Am sew sweet spreading sees eye need two sell summmm

exxxcuse the drip man triple select rip van ripple effect
fish dish wish;
Spell crumb
Working for food; smell bum
If Lee's just Jesus; nail cum
if ewe scene eye am thankful;
you’re whale cum
Win eye mind sexxx eye treasure mind id's pleasure time bids;
wood ewe llike two climaxxx win eye get back;
nEVErmind kids

You been Leethallee injected win pen poked every vein
God's goal broke my gold mold then broke every chain…
The inK EYe link two my think; God wrote every stain…
eye'mmm a rhyme machine that's why eye'm the king…
My input odd; butt God put my bod in a time machine… eye'm a giant on the ScEnE SEw Eye don't climb the bean...

My Bic is this Big Louisville Slugger
Oooooh Lee ill!.. Dug her like the Grave Digger; he was a brave ni**ger like he might bee aWE Lee oar bic bad head at lead bat sight he mighty Casey striking space sea lightening
Her lace three thrice things; like turKeys end bowling allee's width know necks butt flow specs of
Gray matter that say chatter write after they capture chapter of love; "Hey batter; batter;in batter sWINg battered wing!.." is this "bic stuff" oar summmmthin' eye just whipped up
Sly Lust script..? yUP!..

Nifty Mind sexxx
Sixty nine next
listen miss pen don't bee chicken width lee line necks

Think Lee sage win eye ink sea page on my "kinky st-A-ge"

Eye'm a sinister minister;
Butt atleast
eYE Practice what eye preach butt this beef is have it your weigh foreplay or say USDA

Who guess Lee slay
maybe told riddle
*hold baby l
Little old lady who wears;
"Wear's the beef?.!"
tee shirts
readin'  desserts while eatin' Lee work she squirts

eYE Am a "minute man" end a minute man win eYE Pen this dayummm pen on her Donk key...
Lesson plan in Less sum than a minute plan or minute rice my PEN IS LiKE a fire power hydrant
She wants flow two cry; "uncle!.."
Butt eye cAun't
Sire our tyrant
A higher power eye rant
A choir tower cry chant of; "ohh God!..'" and "oWE God'!.." And eye am that eye am sew id's sew odd... Manmade end God's I'mAges; show bod...
Sending of rhyme; Son's search and suns perch Sense the ending of time cums first on the first Day they church say eye say let there be light

*butt on a side note eye actuallee said; "Let there be light sew sexxx pair see write!.."

Now on the seventh day they guessed rest butt actuallee factuallee on the seventh day the Heavens heard say eye recreated wordplay following the third day win eye planned dry land then spread read sees because lee loves eye can width my "write" hand on my bible eye promise to nostradamus two give homage two my writing idols riding side saddles; pride pad souls created equal; Lee's just Jesus; see shapeD ID Leethal...

eyE GOt her because
My ink blotter eye think hotter

Eye turn wine intwo line and then eye drink water
Ask your
Daughter 😘
i due script a bit of shit eye think the stink got her...
eYE Plead the fifth unless eye bleed the script
Tithe the vibe then read the tip

See Eve believed F.M.L.A. was Fantasy Metaphysical Lee's Art

width LEavE

my flow sho my butt; show my bust ass eye bust nuts butt eyemmm a head of my time
eye suppose win eye pose my prose my pad stance is eye'm advancEd

now she loves
me judge because of my hot prose
reads my seeds width greed ass she drop clothes
wow! the tired shocked souls eye rocked those ShOCKS rolled like potholes
spare two share last tire needle ask prior past choir Leethal docs mic caught colds
aspire two ask fire ass sire blaze page ; people jocks write hot coals
sight hot cold; bright pot called sought soul; tight got hold caught soul;  write taught soul
control climaxxx  drumroll rhyme axe price write bought soul...
mindless mind sex find next time sucks mind fucksxxx
line lust next chime clucks ducks tick chick choose her roosters tock
all getting Leethallee penjected width bic booster's shot if the big rooster's cock gets bruised oar knot
the roosters hot fun pet knot done yet; my pad show he saw shadow width know sunset

mentallee playing checkers eye'mmm packin' lead sew eye'm black and REaD
eye keep my next sext moves back in head; sLEEping on GOoD knights like eye'm back in bed
yawn on pawn shop sights; chop knights; hot writes rhyme; snack pen lead

she weighting while eye creating mischief from this gift
switch script bic quick; yes chess less stress big risk dropping bombs on moms; "Got MILFs" or hot GILFs
this not filth or taught guilt sew we will leave id two cleavage; "Got Milk..?"

Listen two this pen and lead tune; the chapter after ewe read plum eye'll bee in your head soon
the PEN IS mightier than a piece of the peace of a sword
and ewe know eye am a beast width the word put that on my peeps and the Lord
WhaLE Eye'mmm
tHAn wHAle shit at least with the turd
What eye wrote and yal all can quote was cloaked end a joke;
Butt absurd..?
Okay bro; bae buckle tight; rhyme heating ass time fleeting
We share chuckles write win eye'mmm beating up her pussy; fuck souls like my write a bare knuckle fight
Share hustle aiight; pair, shuffle sight;
What insane twin flame can men tame the pen reign..?
A bear muzzle might hark the bark oar quiet my bite;
Head; spin lead pen bars in the stars; win pen flows plus ten toes on ground
Butt Lee's can steel climb trees; carve bark width know sound??? That real rhyme Lee's
Butt my "Bic Claw" sew quick yaw like a butter bun knife at another gunfight under a brother sunlight
The seeing agreeing bruh being poet's; "Most WantEd"
Dreaming Most toast taunted while host ghost haunted by my sick flaw

rhyME the beginning; tiME the LEad Eye'mmm a head of my time like Jew Lee Us Caesar's bust
eWE see us; due pLEasE just true tease trust
👁️ 👁️ eYE'LL input my honey wear your mouth is...
Mix these lines width sixxxxty nines then put my son seed's sun sea wear your south quiz
LEgal pEopLE lEethal eagLe ovErhEard a whirlybird W🌎RLDLee wordy word bee mouth be dirty south jiz
God only telling me odd poem sea bee
God proud bod loud odd crowd yelling; "LEE!,!!" Before then after eye pen chapter Guy wake up
God make us a true black King it's a kNew Jack Swing; my Bic my kNew Black Thing
sky take up most of my stars butt gut know know limit two roast of my bars mimic gimmick of cynic butt pen sick toast; love my bars..? My scars sew far onlee scratch the surface: ice catch the purchase price
Free sew; free soul Leethal like an eagle perched; yes, nice!..

Fore dayummm sake time ain't a poem it's a man shake my lines and arts touch minds and hearts like a handshake God's plan makes Lee's lust writes like Jesus Christ hikes fees plus twice; nine tea degree bowed knees was price
mental sparks stencil marks of my pencil Arks butt storing more than two pen iLL arts loves Lee's vice

Girls are sugar and spice; butt Lee's just nice

There's know debate eye see yal can relate she hate two love Lee state he recreate sex educational buzz;
Ass if Listening is out the ears of the beholder...
Ass if a bee and an alarm was about two make love

Till ewe can't see straight like eWE take recreational drugs

Critics spit shit; "bic over the hill…"
Wild iiieye drop rocks like boulders head shoulders over lead and psyche soldiers like wild Lee coyote
My ode hunter quill
Overkill like a roadrunner over hill

"Beep! Beep!
The Shep lept slept sheep
Kept deep
Wept weep

A Scorpion told crocodile kNOt two smile butt shed tears

Million weighs two kill knew quill;
Choose wOne

my rhyme is timeless; "watch" me punch the clock
Tale all of my Goliath's that lunch the rock
tale the po-po when they show go munch the Glock

Deep quote a scribe; peep poke the vibe; keep hope alive; sheep grope the tribe Eye'mmm the Shepherd's who kept words win eYE LLeft words fore the GOAT
Lee state we weight while eWE debate till eWE sea straight whose lLEttEr pLan is BEtter than my letters man;
WhaLE weather than eWE could love me oar LEavE me;
Hug me or squeeze me; drug Lee for easy; mug me; poor;sleazy
Oar moving on out like Georgie Porgie or Lee Bee
Win ewe get on my LEvEl eYE Premix remix in Leemix two sea if time shift end rhyme script ass line switch
Then iLL flows  from Pen Wheel blows mine gift:mind
inn know scent bye stand; lie; STAND; GRIND BUY LANDMINE
rhyme lift time
Mi'mE sniff mI'Me
Having mind sexxxx threw line text yes eye'm blessed
Ate Numberline
Eight Wonder mind
Checkmate check date guess rhyme chess

Lost your vexed mind next time quest from lust mind sex

Lucifer use whisper butt
loose if her

Take you higher than jehovah hover over the mothership or the other brother script until hun quill discover upper shit

my bic was planning flow; spaceship was landing slow preparing we sharing a "standing owe"

cent full Lee know due owe; butt mentallee duo ass eYE PullEd her strings like a Yo-Yo
she was sew high; butt came solo
Lee love show why what name YOLO
cut blame; strut game GO-GO eye just came then went pen spent had two go flow...

~~✂~~Cutting Room Floor2~~✂~~~

did eye knot ssssstutter
slice write like hot butter seW IT
roleS OfF The TONgue...

ass time tracks my rhyme acts catch pause; that's cause fore her climaxxx two rise like a phoenixxx
cum stir ashes like my PEN IS from her asses; butt id's reallee from her axxxis
win eye tail her; "Is ass" she takes id "Ass is"

the peasant and servant called me; “idiot” because of this ability; the “savant” was silent from agility; dumb disability
steel showing sum humility

She drowned in my deeep bLEw seE

Lee sound pen eye keep juicy
She had an upside down frown
Milesmile exposed bicuspids from what lust did then molars and crowns
Pen holds her man down
Holds her hand now

miiiiind sexxx aint just refinEd Lee LinEd wEt paint summm of my talent times my Valentine’s gets saint butt her cringe win pen twiin scent end syringe
now ewe ewe and ewe are Leethallee penjectEd
checkED IT
asS EyE sUSpECT.eD
eye'mmm the bees both knees
Is id odd eYE teLL God;
"Kneegrow please!.."
butt Lee show Knees at Ninety wonE dEgreeS win eye say it and my iiiink spray
it wHEn eYe pray it

especiaLLee tHis HiGH; BUTT GOd;D...

~~✂~~Cutting Room Floor3~~✂~~~

This poem began as an inkspired response to (Damon) da_poetic_edifier’s: “Mind Sex…”
He originally “Liked”; commented; “I enjoy your lyrical wordplay or should I say your play on words” and then added my scribe; “Just me; my bic and my mistress/mistrust… to his “Reading List”...

My vibes on “mind sex” initially began on the sex tip;
butt asS EyE sAW dEeeP ENdtwo my  ~~✂~~Cutting Room Floors~~✂~~~eye re.rememberEd miiiind sex pencompasses everything… Because eye was sew focusEd win eye was scribing; “F.M.L.A. quite a few words of wisdumb were not written down end this moment end time; butt eye see words allweighs cum bacK EYe pray/prey…earlier eye LLost wOne pearl; because eye could not back aweigh from the scribe haha hear is won pearl of wisdumb eye askEd myself after losing the previous chains of thought; “if eye was two lose these words how would id make me feeel then eye thought about it brieflee and decidEd eye should probabLee allweighs try two write id down sew eyeronicaLLee these seeds are what eye would have potententialy lost:
Seeds begin the roots of all evil…”

SEE;d.S… bEgin thE roots of all eviLiveviLeviLeviLeviLeviLive

SEE;d.S… bEgin thE rooTs of ALL eviLiveviLeviLeviLeviLeviLive

SEE;d.S… bEgin thE roots of all eviLiveviLeviLeviLeviLeviLive; SEw

eWE sEw KrazzzY Glue…

twiin swatch binge watch Matlock
while eye’m readin’ he eatin’ alphabet soup butt lost his noodles
butt ass eye paused his Google
there was a knock knock at the padded door width the padlock
the orderlies glad locked before his pad shocked a sad jock eye give mad props who lost his mind; the cost/ his prime was the stakes; know break end these lines was the brakes
taking two pills width knew quills; love the shakes

ribit ribit
Who is it?
tadpole whoo? glad soul ewe
flow moist wit more choices eye hear voices SeW hEAR is a tad bit advice
pen went mad then hit pad twice
door wiggled or giggled; pour scribbled more riddles;
writ sad mice journals
dropped porn; popped corn; nice kernels  

pen her doctor conSOLING inner child WILD UNFOLDING YOUR hATE pAckeT whiLE Ironing your straight jacket will not get you a weekend pass… oar sum weekend ass; just a week in class like detention
pen ask write; “Lee mention;

end this portal a morsel of the moral of the story is; “The ink don’t/won’t stop.?! ass a matter of fact that’s a nice poem title ;)

the iiiiiiink don’t stop…

wOne Liners…

eye was smart ass a baby be; eye knew my A;B;C before maybe three

Win my flow gets focused GOoD my note writ could hocus pocus the potus and eWE wouldn't even notice who wrote this...

fore the record...

if this bic is wetting word wreck chords setting world record bars eye wood bee a pole vault
The greatest scribes alive butt that's my scroll's fault

Byepass Mars bye far more bars than a vending machine
Win my peñhand move Id's like a pendulum swing
send end the Queen

My bars go over barbwires like ex convicts
Write spill more ink than Exon ships

My bars be distorted like Barbie dimensions
This sport read Write *Star Lee sym mentions

sew my PEN IS my cypher sew eye wife her width my write hand two God
people bee preying two Leethal Like they praying two God; put know other God before me unless he Leethal then ass far ass hour pen is concernEd we equall

Babble heard Scrabble word
Foxy pen; butt duh zone...

Before eye start line my art time is not part time because rhyme time is prime time… Think ink tHis GOoD against the law like it's crime time… Write before bedtime it's lead time… before eye awake and shake the snake you read mind...

You heard of lines eye murder Minds like ink embalming fluid
Heckle Jeckle think calming Hyde; Pen palming drew id; napalm King blew Lid

Win eye grind text width mind sex
It's fore sure flow show packed bic
Width no profolactic

You found a brown born unicorn in human form is my uniform…

Mind sex is like line chess;
Yes mate check date;
Sense Lee rhyme first devine line win ewe wreck fate
Travel to tattle who gonna babble; you wanna battle the wrong end of the rattle; let's wait.

Lee poem beyond too infinity; true pen entity knew divinity…

My past words last verbs have passwords
They circle every word eye wrote; grab passwords…
Even end the beginning eye get the last words…

Flow pen sew sexy open sesame

Mind sex find next time sucks win mind fucks…

My rhyme flyer sky you higher than angel dust...
Trust this sinner is a winner;
eYE'LL make an angel blush…

Whale owe well hell know smell

M.I.A. stands for them eye sLay

Eye exercise my mind like a Bowflex
My rhymes write on time like a Rolex
My instincts  my ink thinks eye opposite of extinct write flow rex

My bic paint sLaying eye ain't playing

When I shit faced Lee
My bic trace me switch eye dictate see like write Dick Tracy
This why my bic taste tea

Born in the "Show me State"
I can't fucking wait
Dry paint fucking great
My bic leads hits the slate before my eggs hit the fucking plate!

Tonight I'm gonna rhyme mean line Lee fine like it's 1999…

I'm ahead of my time because the lead love my rhyme…

Wash mouth out width soap from what eye wrote times garbled;
grime the scum
Gargoyle see me gargle
Mime mine mind from the third marble rhyme the sun...
Ass far ass word marvel eye'mmm the wOne...
Written by Leethal (Lee Melvin Jr.)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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