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Image for the poem Black wHole Son… An ode to Eden and Sound Garden

Black wHole Son… An ode to Eden and Sound Garden

Black wHole Son…

end my eYES
"The end is nigh"
The pen is spy

*The grin is sly

Pen sea line win we find
Two signs purpose by designed behind sum rows of rose...
Fear enD IS Hear
Near nowhere???
Butt know wONE knowse
Eye suppose sky propose
The sin is why
Brave girl save world
on the wall baby crawl like
pen is fly
Write Venus flytrap
Sight scene this sky crap
Just show black whole son nose grows dramas
Ass Procter heckle
Dr. Jekyll Hide shows extra promise poised inner child's boy kNOws yes Nostradamus
center smiles
joy grows
black rose son
Chose wOne nestles enter wilds wrestles sinner vile vessels
Baring birthday suits width first day fruits;
 mental temple inn less clothes
End disguises pen sum nose on sum stick figures it figures Bic's bigger
butt roof B Flat blaring
He sat wearing a goofy hat
Goof bee that spooky dunce cap perhaps
This guise of lies wheel expose the proof see once facts;

"Butt hear lies the truth…"

This is my cliff-noted version of my script wrote
read excursion win high overhead
eye overhearD A Distress signal coming from planet Earth; 🌎
Pen Lie over said
Butt eye try two understand id first:

Black 🖤 hole Son won't you come!.?
Black whole Son woN't EWe coME!.?
Black Hole Sun won't you come!.?
bLACK HoLE SSun Won't EWe come!.?
Black wHole Son won't you cum!.?

Wrapped gold trapped old black soul; pen ride; mapped rolled inside a time capsule like rhyme zapped told gene yes genius genie
Write scene guess scene us scene me sew hear we go cumming to wash aweigh the reign..

The Thirteenth Apostle 00-00-0000
Ink dripping; drink; sipping; smoke
Scripting myth king oath both lifting cloak
Behind the black masked souL wONE
We find the black whole done...
Attack stole sum; butt plenty more
Know won writes like you anymore;
butt threw death what few left rest end better wetter letters;
Win Black wHole cummm;
Snack cold crumb…
From this starving artist ass God's odd bod carve this end his image
Diminish refinish replenish we then wish she research ScEnE
Butt when Lee finish
Pen Lower molars; then brother puckers uppers width thirteen other hungry mother fuckers fore this "Last Supper…"
Cod nasty!
God Gastly raise rod vastly praised
God fastly rays passed seas; pen tear up
Ass we stare up Jesus sends a flare up…
Eye dare say
prayer; prey; care; fuck!

*Past sea glare tough trying two focus between Lee scenes we seen God's Hocus Pocus wit locust made folks cuss wind God waved at waves when he was on soak lust and washed pharaohs width fair flows aweigh;
Waiting fore Jesus nine lives cat saves
And eye'm ahead of knew line end due time
Butt we read threw the rhyme
id won't bee water butt fire next time!!!

Flash forwards splash towards trash fore more words::::::::;yummm atoms from sum Adam's 🍎🍏 apples we see:d summm Eve
Then bye summer believe end Eden
Rechieve pen leavin'
receive pen breathe inn

Listening to Sound Garden as the ground harden eye found pardon around stardom in an Ohio town
Glow sky show sound far from Earth
black whole sun plus won black bun perched
Scratch heads hatch eggs snatch edge
Catch meds from read oar blew pill if script goodbar
sniff the good star wish from a guitar rift
Foot bar lift
Gumming; "oh no!"
Drumming solo
Humming flow though
Lee lines pack ole pun behind Black hole sun
black whole sun black hole buns she kissed
premixed the betwixt remix width Lee lips
track soles run from black hole sun
before the snakes; the fakes awake come from rathole scum
Write a song along width that ole bum
Bat pole done; jack stole gun whack mole hun
Before the cold come...
know one who bore own truths; no more phone booths;
show store bone goofs
ass lines juxtapose minds just explode width blown roofs
Sewn scoops expose proofs
no more super heros only blooper; zeros
Pad lies; glad sighs; bad guys add wise sad guise
trooper fear those;
oops, sir tear flows just like my black ink
Two feet in the ⌛ sand;
Infact eye think eye blinks cry winks stream
Eye scream world readin' nice dream girl eating icecream
While my track sinks until we all disappear...

eYE'LL disappoint???
Yeah this a fear while eye miss the cheer;
Time stops wild mind crops flatline chops

Before that line drops;
On 1st day Lee brand Junes
Sand dunes; read skies;bland tunes; lead cries

wash away the reign
Watch astray a strain
On Black Hole Sun
Poem fact; soul done

Storm track goal; sum among the dumb
wheeL EwE coME

Born black coal flung
Torn slack stole brung;
bleached arguably beached Barbie who rarely eats hardly
to a cookout on the 4th of July because a fourth of you lie
sew look out four her spare ribs and rare fibs that scare kids

Cute Malibu Barbie BBQ turns two Bar Be Qute Barbie
knew barbeque char see due her Last Supper

Wear was last Ken my pen is askin' to scare bold friend

Swallow the fright then follow the light Carol Ann ass write peril span Christmas Carols and mistletoes; lied writers; Pied Piper's whistle blows
Aimed at you know who the missile knows
Butt missed hole rows
All of a sudden sum sons a glutton that cold one black whole son push the REaD button
Then pen burn discover another lie
Ass we learn risks; afterlife the chapter write after Christ crucifix butterfly mixed 🦋affixed buffoons🦋🦋🦋return inn two nuts; raccoons ramsacked ruins packed rooms inside cocoons beneath concrete rocks soon surrounded around read molten moats; lead colt pen wrote eye think inks soaked end lagoon's…
Along width Loch Ness The song list lock chest
id's not chess; butt checkmate then check date
Off width everyone's head; sever sum legs
ever hide end the owe pen
Never clever some leads
Singing off key
Ringing softly;
"No one writes like you anymore…"
"NO ONe writes liKE You A.ny.M.or.e…"
"kNow wOne writes like eWE ANymore…"
"kNow WOne Writes LiKE YoU anyMorE…"
"kNow woNE Writes like eWE anymore…"
"knoW One Writes liKE You inn knee more…"
"kNOW one writes like yOu INn Knee more…"
"kNOW one writeS like yoU iN knee MorE…"
"kNoW ONe writeS like yoU iN Knee more…"
"No 1 writes like you IN Knee MorE…"

Voice soar;
Voice sore;
Moist pour wild black wHole son washes aweigh a grain of the stain
ass the strain of the pain love the reign…
end the distance a persistent chorus of;
"poor us!!!"
End the resistance
Thrusted echos lull pen noid
Trusted necks slow
Trusted next show without few strands from humans true hands doomed end loomin' there's know room in the inn for us
Knew Men
Only thin rusted
Entrusted dull droids attempt to avoid the null and void
Reign feeled too the brim
Stain quilled drew the rim
Ass the snakes drift; the fakes shift a facelift rates milf; makes myth;
rake filth
shake; lift shape shift like a chameleon
Script write a million
Scene chapters captured within the rafters of a spaceship
Up to the heavens my brethren
Two make shit up;
Drew the lead pen a clone
Grew the bread then left it alone…
Much gloom shrouds while
Mushroom clouds soon bloom wild
Doom hush room crowds
Now breakfast is gone;
Vow breathless is blown…

Leethal 0.0.00 revisited 6.1.21

~~~Alternative Ending~~~

Returning two The Armegedon relearning a hard lesson yal before the beckon call of the wrecking ball two lessen fall
Before eye checkout check inn call
Endeering pen "Deer thing" inn headlights with head lice wHoo dread mice who lead vice like Labradors lab rat doors bad pad pours
Gasping last thing flies width past wings on walls saw wit know rhyme time fore asking how come was wizard wand then lizard tongue?.?
Eyes closed tagged toes Christ prose prize rosed wise knows lies grows ass a meatier meteor sea tour towards earth
sizzze blows!..

"Beam me up Scottie
Plus oar minus sum extra jerk
Before this happen seashore miss snap pen.!?
This Captain Kirk;Doc;Spock; and a shocked Lee astounded the ground width
surrounded Vulcan Bic in hot volcanic lava
Pen thought vowel can bic Java before the earlier worm iss readin' inn eden then eaten bye the bird…"

     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✂~~Cutting Room Floor~~✂~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

like maybelline; butt maybe queen slay be lean
Just Like Bar Bee Bee size drive crazy teen
World explore girl next door anatomically inn correct
Am eye an anomaly?
Pen correct!

Wh[¥?] You weight???

You asked me to come butt now it's too late
Yes eye am true;
*Gggggreat paper tiger
eWE eight The REad anD the blew piLL AT thE saME tiME gaME chiME hit zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero

Written by Leethal (Lee Melvin Jr.)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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