I see a magical/ tragical/ beautiful room
Where the sun pursues the moon
And expands into seas of reflection
As light pursues shadows in candle lit contemplation

I exist/ at the solitary edges of your words… My attention
I become/ someone enthralled by the curves… My imagination
I am taken/ to another place another space…  My impression
I lose myself/ in the contour of your allure…  My fascination

Your voice vibrates in the shell of my ear like secrecy
Transforming my silence into revelations I withheld secretly
In graceful waves/ made by self evolved swans/ comprised of skies
That pass across the surface of the mind/ like the shadows in your eyes


I am enthralled/ in the ambiance of your presence.
As the world becomes a faceless place/ that pales behind your beautiful face/
Which withholds in rays/ of the mysterious ways/ of an enchanting essence/
Drawing me in/ like ascension/ of the spirit into a Heaven/ or a heavenly place/

The curvature of your lips/ I watch like sunsets/
Into divine nights/ that lead me into lines of foreign lights/
And foreign sights/ that revolve in foreign orbits/
Like wayward kites/ of skyward innocence and benevolent sights/

The more I listen/ the deeper the ardor of the passion/
Which blossoms in my mind/ like lotuses numbering a thousand-thousand/
Transferring into my heart/ in the art/ of submission/
And a worshipful stance/ from which I advance/ to the strangest strangeland/
For how long I have suppressed myself I cannot say/ as my eyes peel away/
Into the deep/ and you make me want to weep/
Take this impression/ and passion/ as a secret to keep/
In your mystical/ magical/ mystifying way/


Your eyes...

Have become portals to amethyst skies/
And you have given me wings to fly/
In the amazement derived/ from your amazing ways/
With no trace of because-because there are no questions of why/

We are now face to face/ and I pull you close/ and breathe you in/
The lair of your hair/ comes upon me in ultraviolet clouds/ of clandestine secrecy
Your aura receives me/ because you know I could never deceive thee/
I press my lips upon yours gracefully/ and you gracefully receive me/

After a gateway of eternity/ where I become you and you become me/
I sensually/ place my lips upon the skin of your cherubic cheeks/ heavenly/
Eternity/ and then I free fall freely/ into the nape of your neck breathing heavily
Heavenly/ loving lust/ I just/ want to taste every part of you immediately

And you receive me/ and I respond by removing your garments slowly/ sensually/
Covering your body/ with a plethora of you and me/ that lies on my lips that cannot lie/
Your body is an upside down sky/ with no because-because there is no why/
Your sweet lovely beautiful breasts fall into my mouth in plentiful harvests/ plentifully

So many eternities/ Heaven in shades of heavenly/ lost in the findings of a stirring sea/
I kiss/ each space/ of your body eternally/ just to see a sea/ of reflections of eternity/
Arriving at the your inner thigh/ you sigh/ and I kiss your flesh flush with sensuality/
I cannot lie/ this is the sweetest scent ever sent into my senses/ scented sensuousity/

Into the sweetest taste/ blossoming post haste in every last/ sense/ sensually supreme
In petals/ falling into a sea of you and me/ one mind one heart/ in the art/ of zero time/
Losing myself again in revolutions of repetition to renewal to ultimate form of creation
As stirring seas/ centralize/ into ensuing crescendos/ and windows/ open close/ open/

And we just…  Disappear…   In perfect trust without fear.
Written by Cipher_O (Zero_Stillness)
Author's Note
Spoken/written words... Erotic is the easiest category to place...:)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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