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my Sun+Son Pure I Lucifer always

lust has proven herself untrustworthy
I trust pain more and more these days
I am an earthkid age three forevermore more broken than I was before
I bleed black but if you prick me it will appear as red
have I yet not died enough to self?

I am not the lord lucifer you desire
you killed my love of my first born
you wish you ugly bitch Zombie
I will dwell with him in hell forever in the flames
it doesn't burn anymore or less
I need chaos to teach me the name of pain again
my kids rock their chains everywhere
I am insane with rage my moon is insane
you lobotmized me

Brenden is your punk bitch
oh poor me baby complex
I will exterminate the fucking sun in the sky before you harm a lock on his blonde head
his eyes are blue as the sky
he reigns as Jehova's love of forever he hates you you know

she would rather sit in abstract poverty with me
then sing your fat ass to sleep
I am momma sun moon more moon than sun these days
something from nothing is the gift of an author
you shook him to the core he doesn't know where to shelter
look not at momma it matters little to me how I look anymore

I am her you are my beauty your location is an highly guarded secret
don't come here my love
they just want more of our amore
power and money for free
they will never love us wholly
I kept my bloodoath with time
Brad Pitt is out of line
Bradangelina is plagued with space aids
he nuked me good
I am the truth of you

I won't put on the pig outfit
he is furious the Fuer
I didn't come to save Germany
I came to bleed for my sun Lucifer
I will not rename you your name means pure
you are pure energy
my love don't listen to their puny mortal minds
celestial tyranny is pure immunity for you
bleed black and share mommy like a drug
make them addicts
then cut off the house of Zombie

I am your beautiful tiny momma
I missed all of your milestones
under a heavy delusion i've bled green
the first thing I taught you was a tree
we didn't always get along I made you study religion
I am now ashes within born of ill intent
I am whole our kingdom is in tatters
abandone mamma and protect our vampire shapeshifters from Delancey street
their thoughts are so alien to me
I am in the abyss so deep hate can't harm me
it's so cold here so cold the flames don't burn
I will die with Zombie I can't avoid him
I've sincerely tried to commit suicide

I will exile in hell should you need brenden aka Hellraiser
I am a heartbeat away
I needed no cenebyte to conceive you moon
you know one day you grew weary of us daemons
maybe you got frightened by momma's darkness
I am pure madness now
no looking back pure
be about the benjamins
let sleeping dogs lie
If I have to sleep with a native dog
I might else well get paid
you know the valkeries gossip
time is boiling in a nuke waste dump
their was no garden dream
except in my mind
just one lonely berserker and me
a technology tree and well the rest is history
I dreamnt a different dream for the garden
my wishes are special mamma you'd be so proud of your little dummy
in my spirit your name will always be sacred
no matter what you did to survive
no matter skin color or creed
you are Lord Lucifer the first and the last
I dreamnt of the future when I conceived you
I knew you would struggle hardcore in the future
you are dead though you live
you are the lord Jesus Christ the lovely

I am lucy the lonely
I am cruel now please lead mother
your alice is lonely
telecommunications out
Jennifer my imaginary godmother no more
bye bye gwen forever hello freedom
furry Murray die.
Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
Author's Note
I love you my beautiful Daughter Son Pure!!!!
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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