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I’m always surprised when I hear (or read) statements of Jew haters and Israel haters.
These ignorant utterances are made by a special kind of delusional and deviant asshole. The hatred these “persons” have is a symptom of more serious psychological abnormalities. Friendless, poorly educated, inherently idiotic, without accomplishments or prospects (often physically ugly and/or drug / alcohol addled, unconcerned with personal hygiene or dental care)…the Jew hater will follow any loud voice pointed in his/her direction…just to gain the illusion of inclusion; inclusion in even the most moronic mob. They crave the chance that other bottom feeders might acknowledge the scum bag’s existence. The friendless shits will reciprocate by giving their voice and allegiance to mobs, cults, terrorists etc.  Some are overly officious, if they are given even the most insignificant title, in the most insignificant group.
The Jew hater/Israel hater is desperately insecure, cowardly, has low self esteem and needs a scapegoat for his/her constant failures. They are inherently violent, impulsive and offensive…the quintessential “Born to Lose” type. A relatively high percentage of the males are petty law-breakers and many of the females are sluts…the only way they might gain any notice.  Self-respect (obviously) does not enter the consideration of either gender.
The “persons” referred to in these paragraphs may proclaim that he/she only hates the Jews and Israel, but scratch the surface and you’ll find they also hate Blacks, Hispanics and any other minority they imagine unlikely to fight back. The dissociative behavior is both sad and disgusting.  
The Jew hater/Israel hater of today would have been the enthusiastic, fulfilled nazi of 80 years ago. [u]  [/u]
If you happen to be one of the piles of feces I’ve described, please redeem yourself in the eyes of civilization…commit suicide before you offend someone who will subject you to the slow, agonizing death you deserve.
Written by Bon_Mot
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This little essay speaks for itself.
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