Needle me with words,
vaccinate my dreams.
Show me different worlds
where everyone has been.
I’m no subject waiting
for your exotic reams;
I’m no pretext waiting
for some curative scheme.

Vaxed to be the first
vaxed to be the last.
Holding on is best,
keeping up so fast;
rolling on a drumbeat,
tapping on this vein.
Giving up I hear the chant
heading toward insane.


Vaxing me, vaxing you;
tell the world what it should do.
Selling the gold of fools
to buyers of convenient rules.
Fly by night, conceal by day,
hiding all you want to say.
Give me time on any day
to find the one that ran away.

Sing in tune, me; immune,
our every thought shall we impugn.
When I ask to no reply,
give me a chance, one alibi
while I wait for an injection
leading me away from all infection.
Will I stare into this light,
or for your serum give up the fight.


Taken away, gone by day;
every dream would not replay
even if it had the chance
it lost itself to one last dance.
We assay, to fate allay;
it rolled by in better days.
Somewhere, so long ago
we bared all we’ll ever know.

Yesterday, you were my fear,
now I know I am a gear
turning in your mechanism
holding fast in a cataclysm.
When, but now do I assess
all that speaks to my duress.
When I rise to meet a ‘morrow
merging with what is such sorrow.  


Down we fall ever as numb
and frail we call like everyone;
vexing truths that we must hold
eat away at our sanctum's soul.
We inject while life infects
all our fears with redirect;
it won't bend to such free will
nor depend on what gets killed.

Every plot must reach some end,
even if our hearts it bends;
we'll get out what we put in
as we lay forth our fissures to mend.
Looking back it makes me cry
but I never think to wonder why.
I've been vaxed, infiltrated;
all my wounds satiated.  

Written by PoetsRevenge
Author's Note
Just a Napo spill..
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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