The Shadow In Fingon's Heart

"Fingon, why you're ill?"
I whispered, caring for his health.
Did I sense a shadow's chills,
for it silently and moistly dwelt...

I always sensed this faithful hope,
the Finwe house was prior to the Ring,
the Eternal Now ends as a suicide rope?
But Fingon's blessed, angelic wings...

No, Time leaks everywhere ~
forward and backwards as a curse ~
I don't want to see you, elve, there...
where Sauron would do the worst.

Please immediately heal.
Right before my eyes...
It may be the empirical will.
Before me... Fingon dies?

It has occurred to me, unnerved,
for the first dreaded time,
what it truly meant to them to observe
how I was possessed in the crime...

How did it feel, Azrael?
To see every single image of decay...
It is not just my mind but hell,
meant to sync with the eternal play...

"Piss on Varda's Light" he uttered,
Sauron, but now I'll cheer you up.
"Piss then on", I jiggled, suffered,
it will help us Absolutely fill the Cup

of Grails with the disgusting fire
that carried your passionate dream
so maybe next time.. your desire
to destroy her, will help her gleam.

"Piss all over and beyond"
"Maybe your Acid is needed"
"Without this piss the bond
can it be linked? It bleeded."

"I love the Ring for what it is"
"But Varda is truly fragile and tender"
"So Let it be God's will ... and your piss
can Elochimly express itself, as a blender."

I have seen your Eye...
gathering all pieces in the One
I have done the same, yet I cried
and our movements are a swirling dance.

Celebrimbor absolutely knew
what you inserted in the ring.
I have the faith in this cursed wheel
that the Key of Enoch sings.

So if I make you laugh so innocent,
using your brutality as jokes,
maybe we'll have a moment of dissonance,
where we are friends, you hoax.

You are definitely and indeed,
the most renowned blacksmith,
Do you like smoking weed?
And Is Morgoth a dark Sith?

While I keep marvelling
how you could have created
something so perfect and targeting,
I feel a presence ablated

A dark monster that hid
all his evil intentions from me,
so I could see his purity amid
the whilpool of both that he can be.

Morgoth is seeing before him
a sweet and juicy child
"Fingolfin... you hurt my limb"
"I am aware of the speech reviled."

"Close your eyes, so you can not..."
He started saying but he stopped,
she turned around, in the form of Morgoth
and his intentions mirrored, swapped.

He smiled, bit soothed.
As a carnivour of Hell
She knows perfectly what's rooted
inside of myself where I dwell.

"God's Absolute and Relative"
she answered, wondering below the veil
who she was, as this wild narrative
did not reveal her background, but they'll

surely meet her someday.
Quarantined Urantia is prior to the wormhole.
"Lesno e da borish se s zlodei"
Someday you'll meet the Eye in Real Life, doll!

She suddenly screamed,
As she got carried away.
Evil beautiful seemed
but Fingon's ill, it's not okay.

So she ran fast, as fast as she could
to find her way back to his causal body
and she would hug him and kiss him and soothe...
whathever ilness is torturing him, naughty.

All ilnesses are also living beings
she remembered a teaching of yore
so don't mean to destroy its beginnings
just create along and it will heal his sore.

"I didn't mean to hurt you, Fingon"
"I want you to be beautiful and innocent..."
"And when the shadow is finally gone...
You'll sing and play your musical instrument!"
Written by AaronBraveHeart (Boyana Popova)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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