Egyptian Pharaoh

ascension to power:
i was assigned to witness the funeral procession of an ancestor,
whose burial rites were presided over by anubis and akhetnaten,
my coronation was to take place inside of a palace about a mile and a half from the nile river
i’d officially obtain the throne of lower and upper egypt, before nightfall
the prophecy of my reign was consecrated in stone, then placed inside of a sacred temple.
i was told that i would command armies, on land and in the seas,
court allies to the west and the east,
as no fool would dare to denounce my divine birthright
spiritual leaders sought wisdom from the celestial bodies and guidance from the galaxies
libations were poured out in reverence to the occasion
people from all over gathered to celebrate, and give thanks to the god, ra!
patrons from meroe, kemet, nubia and the sudan,
some as far as mesopotamia came paid tribute,
the weight of the moment grew heavy in the air.
my ancestor was placed inside of a silk lined sarcophagus, adorned in black, gold and ivory
we gathered to commence in my honor but just then, the nile river flooded terribly
same time each year,
it is said,
that when isis found out osiris was killed in a coffin by seth, she cried incessantly and the river poured out into the streets for days on end.
a good omen for the farmers but a bad one for royalty
the anointed ones laid wreaths and lit frankincense
a portentous cloud loomed ahead then all of a sudden
madness struck the masses while various animals dropped dead in the street
livestock drowned in the waters, and disease spread all around
locust formed outta no where to obscure the view of the sky
hell raising gazelles knocked people down, just then
a man with a disk-like crown over his head emerged from the sand while the earth was swirling around him,
the sun god ra illuminated all darkness. he said:
"it was revealed to me in a prophecy some time ago… that you by design are an imposter, and shall never be pharaoh" my heart sank.
then we were transported to a dimension within the same realm on the land we were standing on
i was wandering in the desert in a real life daydream
a jackal, a cat and a hawk appeared
Thutmose, Sehkmet, Nefertiti and Horus stepped forward from the heatwaves in the sand. horus demanded urgency with his final command, he said:
"leave egypt and return to where you came from. or we'll have your head before dawn."  
i was jolted back to reality
my royal adornments turned into threadbare rags
the guards in armor didn't notice, or seem to care, that's when i knew i was on my own…
i bolted forward
a word from an elder brought snakes in a deluge
a monsoon started and nearly broke through the temple
i had to exit as i was enemy number one
all of a sudden!
made my way past some statues and ended up outside
i was able to get to relative safety
i caught a ride with a man and his family carrying a buggy of fruit
we got past the waters before i was betrayed
i didn't know how fast or how far we went
but a guard with an arm length blade cut the family down
the last thing i remember was a glimmer from the sword and the last words: "off with her head.
Written by Ashley_M_Hardy (Cashley Marie)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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