Toxic, narcissistically entitled, searingly delusional, pitiably self-promoting, and irrelevant white morons on parade!

By Stanley Collymore  
Increasingly for numerous    
people these days rabidly    
contrived consternation    
linked to a deliberately    
self-serving, and quite    
pathetically asininely    
orchestrated controversy, are the  
distinctly and basically also, the  
currency that's so critically the  
salient ingredient, of each one    
of all of these numerous, and    
quite patently, and crucially    
obvious, unbridled cretins,  
and their similarly also in  
every truly demonstrable    
perspective, evidently so  
manifestly intellectually    
challenged but honestly    
miniscule, in their own    
age difference infantile    
and quite fawningly so  
sick younger imitators    
supportive, relevance.  
A pandemic actually, and    
Covid-19 readily comes    
to mind! So who then  
are these supposedly, and totally    
risibly too,  Anglo-Saxon, master    
race components of humanity?  
I'm reasonably sure that every    
one of you with a discernibly    
functioning brain, obviously    
have similarly also collated  
your requisitely qualifying    
version however in terms  
of any likely so perceived    
comparison and honestly    
tis isn't,  by any means, a  
full compilation of mine;  
here are just a few of them,  
given in no specific order    
as they are,  all of them,  
and totally utilizing my freedom    
of speech and also freedom of  
expression that these vermin  
readily relish, in unilaterally    
latching on to; as the pretty  
useless cretins they surely    
are,  and evidently always    
have been! So, here they    
are then:  Jan Moir, Sara    
Vine,  Jeremy Clarkson;  
Laurence Fox, Andrew    
Pierce, Jackie Stewart;  
Susanna Reid, Rachel  
Kamal Johnson;  Keir  
Starmer,  Herr Nigel    
Farage. Equally too,  
Katie Hopkins, Dan  
Wootton; Julia Hartley Brewer,  
Richard Littlejohn; Georgia  
Arianna Ziadie, Margaret    
Oppenheimer; together    
with all imbecillic prats    
like a  Karl Stefonovic,  
and not that bright    
Sheila slag Allison    
Langdon. And of  
course, puerile,    
narcissist cum    
wannabe, Sir;    
living - in the  
head of our    
Meghan as  
usual rent  
free- an ill  
so fixated  
evil Piers  
(C) Stanley V. Collymore    
7 May 2021.  
Author's Remarks:    
This poem is a timely riposte to all the asinine hacks  - masquerading as bona fide journalists that most significantly and quite transparently they are not - as well as the solidly entrenched and rather ludicrously delusional,  empire loyalists and equally little Englanders risibly, to all sane observers, living in their bogus virtual reality world that gas no semblance at all of meaningful reality, or any relevance whatever to the 21st Century.  
But white geriatric, vile, beer-bellied, usually cuckolded and azoospermiac men; seasoned or imminent and vary petrified of this transformation in their pathetic lives; grotesquely abhorrent and visibly repulsively to look at and very ugly racist Karens, fall easily too into the same frame as the previously mentioned and additionally inanely, misogynistic men.  
British absurdity on steroids; and too its avid indulgence, rather poignantly observed in convict inbred; quite also criminally and, similarly, discernibly racist infatuated and rather gleefully implemented in rabidly, egregiously executed; toxic and delusional terra nuliius fantasies - clearly relevant to the indigenous Aborigines - so-called Australia.    
And while of absolute dire necessity, I must regrettably focus temporarily on that undeniably toxic and equally verminous  Antipodean white master race, supposedly supremacist cesspit,  perhaps vile oik Karl Stefonovic and similarly so that Sheila slag, Allison Langdon could, when idiotically and self-servingly, they're pathetically pandering for public relevance and recognition, could perhaps initially expend some of their time in familiarising themselves some, if not all, of the various genres that comprise poetry. As they're not all along the infantile lines, and the epitome of your obviously limited 'intellectual" grasp of: Mary had a little lamb!  
By the way Meghan Markle who you most pathetically and egregiously sought to mock on learning her soon to be released children's book is based on a personal poem she wrote, has two university degrees  How many do you Karl Stefonovic and Allison Langdon, together with the braindead audience you were self-servingly playing to, have between you? And, Incidentally, what brilliant poetry have the two of you Aussie slime bags written either individually or jointly between you?  
Written by Academic
Published | Edited 8th May 2021
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