Sauna Fidelity Test

Sauna Fidelity Test
  “My brother-in-law are you comfortable in this sauna?”
     “It is quite warm but that is what these hothouses are for.”
      “Well, if you need to take off your towel I won’t mind. Your wife will understand. No need to go around swaddled in this swelter.”
     “The heat is oppressive so in the interest of comfort, I’ll go nude. But are you comfortable with me in this state of undress?”
     “You were already mostly naked. I consider what is underneath to be a perfectly healthy part of the male physique.”
     “I bet that bath towel you are wrapped in makes this steam room even steamier.”
      “Well, if you don’t mind I will divest myself of it in the interest of comfort. I know your wife wouldn’t want her sister to go around overheated.”  
      “Isn’t it amazing what a mirror image you are of my wife? If it weren’t for your black hair I couldn’t tell you apart. I see you got a Brazilian Wax.”
     “It is summer and my nether fluff feels itchy when sweaty. But this may test my maiden luck but would you object if I sat on your lap? I know we are bare but I promise not to writhe against you.”
     “Curb thy tongue young lady or you will lay across my lap to learn the proper role of a sister-in-law.”
     “If you take me well in hand then my lesson will paint me in the color of the rare albino strawberry leopard whose red spots take nothing away from her primal strength.”
     “Your primitivism is a school of art that might entice my noble savage into what Gauguin implied rather than portrayed.”
     “Then my lips must slip that I am your wife in the guise of my sister. Twas a test of your self-control.”  
     “Gloria, I knew you were my better half from the get-go. Your sister has a rose tattoo on her upper thigh. Your towel had the effect of a miniskirt exposing where her art would be.”
     “I deliberately wore my terrycloth for maximum tease. But how did you get a glimpse at my sister’s upper thigh?”
     “Remember when I took you two to the body art studio? Well, I sneaked a peek at the artist at work on her.”
     “Why would you do such a thing?”
     “She went first and I wanted to see how professional he was before putting my wife in his hands”
     “Please, take me back there. I want you to witness his professionalism while inking my derriere.”
     “A touché of the tush.”
     “The body is the temple and mine needs iconography.”
Written by goldenmyst
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