cycles of hazy circles

(a collab by eamon and indie)

weíre going round in circles
where nothing happens at all
and Iím dying just to feel something
beyond the purple haze of this room
beyond my imagination castration
and the watercolour complexion of your face

the air is thick with forgotten oaths
pointing long fingers of blame
and you've had that same blank stare
for what feels like two foreverís
or one forever and an eternity
look at me, your apathy is draining
every drop of fight I have in me
so I bathe in the haze and close my eyes
letting the cold blood pass freely

while the sun shines too bright outside
and I need shades just to face the world
Ďcause there is no love within the gaze of strangers
who used to know each other with intimacy
and the blame covers us like motes of dust
that canít be brushed away
slipping beneath our pores, into our souls
to be smoked on the wrong side of a bong

with a clock ticking in the background
boring into my head with all the things we donít say
fogging up the windows with a passionate indifference
Barely masking the weapons we hide beneath the surface
waiting, always waiting, until the other stops looking
long enough for us to take a shot
when we lack the words to speak in coherence
letting this tidal haze wash over us
as we yet again pretend this nothing is okay

and besides the silence, the constant nothing
aside from the ghosts of dreams
that once complimented the smoky rooms we sat in
when we gazed into the blue wisps and saw visions
apart from the sudden shock of the whiplash
caused by crashing at breakneck speed
into a granite dead end, we drown ourselves
in a slick denial, sinking like the doomed relics
lost in the tar pits of ancient america

Written by Indie (Miss Indie)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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