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Straight Talk Live (The only thing to fear is fear itself)

The only thing to fear is fear itself.
In this day and age, yes, mankind is the only destroyer from the food we eat (Death Merchants) to his manmade pharmaceutical poison we digest for medical elements, to the propaganda spewing from the media that enables our brain cells to think on our own.
Most able bodies among the world’s vast population here today have concerns about dying when we look forward to spiritual rebirth. We worry about materialist gains in life we can never take to our resting places once our last breath taken of this earthly life.  
The greater good of humanity’s fortunate is always found in the four chambers of the heart. Kindness, Courage, Love, and Spiritual Awareness once those elements are tapped into as the heart takes its circulating oxygenated beats, the dynamics of your aura will be a force to reckon with. In my line of nursing profession, time is always the crucial component to breathe, or the expiration when it no longer ceased to exist.  
In still dismays me, how we find peace within ourselves when we are facing imminent death. The tears of a life seeping from our eyes knowing we hated deeply in our hearts, whereas, it should had been a time to foster love, in retrospect, when animosity, loathing, spoke the true words in the absence of peace.  
Incapable of reliving forsaken times, therefore, we cling on to our Bible, the Torah, and yet, we attempt to find the hidden significance of our ancestral rites of greatness in the Holy Quran. We hold tightly to a love one’s hands as last sacraments are prayed over us, or we kneel at the altar asking why such burden one must carry alone.  
Does it really take much to love and honor each other, uplift one another to our righteous glory? When one is on their deathbed, it should be a time of inner celebration, inner peace shall fill the moment when words cannot convey, or when the pain has surmounted, and the only comfort is closing one’s eyes for rest.  
Unfortunately, today, society has become blinded with the throes of vanity until the point it has become the warmth of our hearts, a mainstream taboo we have physically and spiritually adopted.  
As of late, it appears the only visual touches the human soul can submerge the heart and mind comes in the form of social media; Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Worldstar, and Flightheight, just to name a view.  
Mental eye candy I term. Nothing is sacred as of old, at this rate we have surpassed the days of Sodom and Gomorrah; you can get nudity, sodomy, rape, murder, racial, bigotry, peep shows, chat room, webcam masturbation sex, let’s not forget disruptive Karen’s and their fifteen-minute fame of glory by one click.  
Are those the only elements life has to offer now?  We are the computer chip what technology has come to reap, whatever happened to molding the younger generation minds, preparing them to survive once they graduate and step out into the real world.  
If virgin minds are watching filtered sublime massages from the televisions, or what they view on a streaming computer, are they not already equipped to survive to be self-absorbed, non-empathetic, sexual demanding, and racial ignorance to a world of intermingling culture/ethnicities, in addition, most will utilize nature born instincts to become anti-government radicals to kill.  
As the world moves forward, I am hoping for better progress to foster receptiveness when engaging one on one humanely. The world revolves, and it never ceases to change from the dynamins; politically, or socially. The dual climates had brought so much contention as of late, how do we learn to heal morally. We are separated by six feet of space and the presentation of our character are only readable by the narration of our exposed eyes.  
The devoid of human contact has left us walking around empty vessels and the only way we get prefilled, mentally, emotionally, spiritual, is to cause chaos... yet, it appears vague to say in specific terms. Have you ever gone online and watched someone being assaulted; you may see cell phone cameras recording, hidden voices edging on, close shots of blood, guts, and glory, but how many times can you actually count someone has stepped in to intervene, go ahead I am waiting.    
And remember we are the example from what the next generation shall excel to be, with a heavy heart, I could say it will not be greatness.    
And This Is Another Straight Talk Live For You...  
Continue to believe in yourself, be for yourself, and give love unto others, it does make the world go around
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 3rd May 2021
Author's Note
This Straight Talk Live piece was inspired by PoetOftragedy beautiful musing

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