“Te khalion tai te shingerdjon che gada, hai tu te trais sastimasa tai voyasa.”
     “With what tongue have you laid a curse upon me?”
     “Only the speech of Gypsies and not so much a curse as a blessing if seen in the right light.”
     “I take your words to be risqué in nature. Please translate so that I may see the good side of what you propose.”
     “‘May your clothes rip and wear out, but may you live on in good health and in fulfillment.’ You see to live naked and happy is good fortune indeed. Clothes are an impediment to the joys that nude life offer. The bedroom life is the idyll for a woman or a man if he has good sense.”
     “Fie was it not for my sari no righteous man would have me.”
     “Then a heathen would be your man and your life would be a perfumed garden of love whose bliss is undeniable.”  
     “My only man left from this caravanserai for the court of Kublai Khan. He did not send me so much as a letter to mark his path into Cathay.”
     “Then it is set. I shall take you to China to find this errant man. We shall look for him for five years upon whose summary if he is not found you shall be my bride.”
     “Even a man such as my beau must not be of such worth as to deny my nuptial years in case of absence.”
     “To think I considered exchanging my camel for a house. But how much more in value is a woman.”
     “Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched. We may yet find my long-lost love. But I have a sister who is also unwed. If by luck we locate my favored suitor and he is of good mind to marry me then return to this inn and she shall be thy bride.”
     Her sister comes running. “My sister, I have a secret letter from your traveling man. He has married a Chinese woman whose hands are delicate as porcelain. Had she not be so fragile in her beauty he surely would have come back for your hand in marriage. I kept this note hidden until a gentleman who prized you more than a camel appeared.”
     He says, “If Cupid has his sway the day will dawn on our true love.”
     She replies, “Love is cultivated like mangoes whose sweetness grows with the seasons.”
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