Just Plain Complaining

Ever wonder why the self-proclaimed "greatest nation on the planet" runs a financial structure that promotes total slavery?

Attending college to get a job where one can:
a) manage someone else's money
b) count someone else's money
c) build someone else's business into a more powerful entity
d) learn and enforce laws created by people long dead, or unaffected by the laws they have made
e) teach these laws to other people's children
f) "insert your 2 cents here"

The system attaches food, shelter, clothing, , benefits for one's offspring, and status to this job
Creating a physical, emotional, and mental need for this job

The system then instills the fear that:
a) complaining to the "wrong" people will cost one this job
b) complaining about the "wrong" people will cost one this job
c) complaining about this job may cost one this job
d) not subjugating desire for input at this job, or having a life outside of this job could cost one this job

And all for the benefit of folks who control the lives of people they've never seen,
and don't care to see as long as the cash keeps rolling in

The people in charge claim that "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few"
and that "one has to break a few eggs to make an omelet"
However, those few at the top are never subject to those rules they put forth
And they always get first slurp at the trough
And they are always the "egg breaker" never "one of the broken eggs"

The system demonizes any, and all, who disagree out loud
or try a different way
or suggest to others that a different way be tried
or outspokenly advocate real change of this system

Additionally, the"wage slaves" are given incentive to snitch on and ostracize non compliers (for the good of the community)
However, said "community" has no gates like those of the "master's community"

And, of course,
With various punishments for listed "infractions"

So people are:
Herded into choices that benefit folks who care not a whit
and Punished

Well Damn
Sounds like slavery to me
Written by FATBOY300PLUS
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