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Fun Fair

This ain't just another fun fair
This is as dangerous as Dangerous
To little boys in their underwear
Like Twitter when Trump was there
The Navy didn't teach me
I already knew how to swear
I still can't escape the nightmares
Flying around low to the ground
Like an inner city combat zone
I could never make it home alone
But I'm a spastic
I'll snap back like an elastic
Just like daddy
when he'd whoop my ass
Oh wait a minute son you don't have to go
No shit dad what do you want me to do
Stay here and get frost bitten in the snow
I'm telling you I've got issues
Get the DNA off the tissues
My life is a Mark Ryden painting
So just sit back but don't relax
Close your eyes and imagine
Myxomatosis bunnies dancing
Abe Lincoln in the bathtub masturbating
His hat being eating by a mannequin
Listening to Grilled Spam Sandwiches
Googling nuclear sounding methods
10 year old boys smearing
Excrements on the walls
Sniffing kickers like Spector
Cutting up body's like Dexter
I hope this is only in my head
The demons are dancing
The addiction in my stomach burning
Probably because when I was three
My day took me fur trapping
Pretty little fox hanging in the cellar
WTF where was my mother
when I was trying to poke out it's eyes
Throwing mice off the bridge alive
If only I could fly out of here
My Uncle's brother was a queer
Well that's what my dad said
But he didn't care if I went swimming
Jumping off the diving board
Into a pool of piranhas
Fatigued from all these dreams
That I've been chasing
My folks should have named me Jason
40 years old and still crying myself to sleep
Most of the times I wish
I was underground and six feet deep
I remember my cousin pissing
In his sleeping bag
when he was 10 years old
My Uncle kicking him in the ass
And throwing him into the cupboard
Because he couldn't find the bbq tongs
Why didn't anyone say, "hey time out!"
Something's not right something is wrong
Figuring everything out on your own
Just sit down you little brats
And watch Fox news
We should of had an abortion because
The best part of you ran down your Mother's leg
Good thing it was the early 90s and not 2021
I would have rounded up an arsenal of guns ammo and grenades
Man I would have taken out my school
Probably would have murdered all the wrong ones too
Yeah man that's what could have been
A roll of a dice and an opportunity
Sixteen year old facing life
Not a fucking chance
357 magnum in my hand and one shot left
The Devil's in this house
The Devil's in the house
Lizzy Borden took an axe
I'd take a shovel and bludgeon
The crossing half to death
Introduce them all the drama
My psychiatrist calls it trauma
The little boy there's nothing left

Written by Breedlove
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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