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The Creature

The door flew open and into the room came Victor
Bolting the door “We have to go now”
A look of fear, madness on his demeanor
“What is wrong my husband, what is going on?”
The door flew and in walked a man but more than a man
Startled she gasped, Victor moved in front of her

Taking Victor the Creature threw her onto the bed
“Silence” as he looked upon her and and her screams became a whimper
With the hammer and spikes he pinned Victor to the wall
“So you have not told her who I am?”
“Tonight I will consummate your Bride and she will be mine”

Victor screamed “NO” and pleaded but the spikes would not let him move
Sitting upon the bed the Creature took hold and held her in his arms
Caressing her black hair, a touch of velvet so soft and smooth
Looking into her blue eyes as he tore of her gown and fondled her breasts
“Yes Victor she will make a lovely companion”

Tearing off the rest of her gown as she lay flat on the bed
Her nakedness showing her beauty, her tits, her sex
Standing naked before her his cock hard and erect
The look of horror in her eyes but also the look of submission
Spreading her legs as Victor looked on he thrust his cock inside her
A cry of pain she let out but soon became a cry of pleasure
“Tonight I will take your Bride as mine for this you owe me”
Her body twitched and shook as he thrust harder and harder
Taking her from behind he again started to fuck her cunt
Victor looking on and crying and pleading “No more, please I beg you”
One final thrust as he came and her cunt quivered as now she was his

Holding her naked in front of Victor taunting him insane
“Oh your sweet, sweet cousin is now mine Victor”
On her knees as she now begged for him to let her go
Taking her hair and forcing his cock into her mouth
“Yes Victor this whores mouth will now satisfy my cock and not yours”
“Every night I will take her under the stars”
“Every night I will rape and fuck your whore Bride”
“Her blue eyes will learn to gaze lovingly into mine”
Filling her mouth with his cum as it now ran down her lips
“Watch as she swallows and licks my cock and not yours Victor”
“My companion, my Bride, my whore, my personal slut”  
Every night Victor, every night I will drive you mad”

Picking her up and slinging her over his shoulder
“We must now leave so thank you for my gift”
Opening the window a slight breeze flew in
The sound of a carriage could be heard speeding past
“Goodnight Victor and do not try to follow or find us”
Crying and sobbing Victor felt defeated
The love of his life taken from him as the Creature jumped to the ground below
Her beautiful black hair and piercing blue eyes being raped and molested
over and over again an image he could not shake from his mind
“I will find you and end you” he screamed    
Written by Stanhoven
Author's Note
Part 3 of 6
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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