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The Ritual

It was midnight at the monastery and a fierce thunderstorm was occuring. Each of us had dawned our black robes for this special ritual, and we all walked with a similar repetitive step towards the chapel. Our hoods covered our faces and we looked at the ground, nobody dared to look forward. As we approached the chapel, we entered in groups, row by row. We stood in our pews, waiting for our abbot to commence the prayers. As the last of the monks entered the chapel the doors closed and we waited in silence. That silence felt like an eternity. Finally, in the deathly silence we heard the abbot’s footsteps as he approached his lectern. He then began the ritual, “May the ceremony this evening be done in his holy name and for his holy sanctuary.” We then responded, “For our father!” “Remove your hoods and begin the chant!” he said. We removed our robes and looked forward at the statue in the center of the chapel. It was fifteen feet tall and was a beautifully sculpted penis. Its’ head was perfectly shaped and came straight into a wonderful tip. The testicles were masterfully crafted, carefully sculpted with lines and veins. The body was fully erect, and was seven feet long. It was a beautiful statue. And so we began the chant. I was in the front row so our group started. “Give me head!” we said loudly. Then the second row joined in, “Give me head!” Then the next row and the next, the chanting getting louder each time. “Give me head! Give me head!” Louder, and louder it became until the whole chapel started to shake. We each hoped that he would come tonight and that we would be the one to taste his cum. Then suddenly the penis statue started to crack at the base. It was happening, it was happening! Up the statue the crack went until it got to the top and then suddenly a beautiful ray of white and yellow light shot out from the tip of the statue. It penetrated through the ceiling and shot up into the dark sky. All of us looked into the light, we could not take our eyes off it. We saw the most beautiful male angels ever. They were wearing beautiful white robes and they had the biggest and most wonderful muscles. Then suddenly out of the statue, to our surprise, came a beautiful female angel. As she shot forth from the statue she came forward and stood in front of us. Had the abbot been wrong? I thought, He had always told us about the coming of a wonderful and muscular man. The woman was so beautiful, her skin was smooth and white as cum, it looked so nice to touch. Her robes were also white and smooth. They looked so soft, warm, and comforting. She looked us all over and seemed to be making a decision. Then suddenly, she came over to me. She was very tall, I would say ten feet at the most. She bent down and looked at me, seeing her face up close, she was beautiful. She had no flaws. Then suddenly she opened her robes and showed me her breasts. I was in shock, I had never expected this. Her breasts were so big and were just as smooth as the rest of her skin. As she bobbed up and down they jiggled very enticingly. “Drink,” she said very calmly and soothingly. I was so infatuated but I wasn’t sure, this would go against all the principles I had learned at the monastery. My love had always been for men, and never for women. I was unsure, but I looked at her breasts one more time, and I knew this was right. So, I closed my eyes and wrapped my lips around her left tit. Then I took a long slow sip. As her milk flowed into me, I felt like I had never felt before, my body felt reborn, I felt like I was on a higher plane of existence. But, as I opened my eyes, I was no longer in the chapel. I was floating in a beautiful pink sky, and around me were the most beautiful women I had ever seen. Their breasts were large and round and they bounced as they flew around me. The women’s bodies were smooth, thin, and flawless. Then one of the women approached me. She wrapped her arms around me and started to pull me in close. As I looked into her eyes, I became entranced and became lost in her. I rubbed my hands all over her wonderful body. I squeezed her tits and kissed her lips. We were in harmony, our rhythms were both in tune. But all of a sudden I snapped out of it. She had started to wrap her vagina around my penis and it was only then I realized I had been naked. The other women around us started to laugh, but I was horrified. I pushed away in shock, that was too far. I wanted to leave this land. I wanted to return to my monastery, to all the men who I loved. I closed my eyes and opened them again, in the hopes that I would return to the monastery. And when I looked out again, I had returned to my home. As I looked around, all of the other monks stared at me in shock and in amazement. The abbot came forward to me. “What happened?” he asked. And so I then told them all the story of my journey through the pink sky and about the women. Everyone was in shock. “I will go tell the council immediately!” the abbot said. Then he rushed off to go to the grand monastery and tell them of my experience. As I drifted off to sleep that night, I thought of the ritual again, about the beautiful angels, the wonderful pink sky, and the women. But then I remembered all the men I had fucked, and how much I loved that. It was right then and there that I reinforced my sexuality and fully again embraced the men.
Written by the_Zeus100 (Michael Glover)
Author's Note
One of my friends is very religious and he recently joined a monastery. After he wrote me a letter about his first weeks there, I got the idea for this poem. I hope you enjoy.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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