The Friend Zone -  Welcome

This sonnet is dedicated to you
All who hear this, you are my friend
       I'm sorry if I've offended you,  
       It is not what I intended to do  
Maybe this will help you understand  
I'm an imperfect human being  
Though I don't except that standard  
       I'd do everything I can  
        to become a better man,  
but I'm not always of strong character  
I'll always regret everything I've lost  
and be grateful for all that I have  
No one will ever really know the cost  
What was lost can never, ever come back  
Time is a kettle that pours into my mind  
Moments are memories that help me define  
    the something inside me that I can't describe  
I am more than I seem to the naked eye    
I'm not just a man, I'm a poet  
My life is written in secret journals  
        Words of reflection in poetic expression  
Each poem is more than each word reveals  
Ask me anything, I will answer the truth,  
but be sure you really want to know the answer  
         I love you too much to give you a ruse,  
but there are things the world isn't ready for  
Those who have seen me, present or past,  
       I hope I have left impressions that last  
Acquaintance or friend, I'm there till the end  
       Lovers, you were all gone way too fast    
Those I have yet to meet, if the fates allow  
       May our hearts and minds connect well  
I hope our connection has no inhibition  
       Who we are to each other, only time will tell  
So many of you I will never meet  
         Yes, I think of you as a friend,  
                  but who ever we are, near or far  
          We're only virtual, online, pretend  
 We don't really know each other  
           We only know what we see  
                   What we have is fine, for being online,  
           but we have to keep our lives in reality  
I want to love each and every person  
           Some, I must love from a distance  
                     Some that I love have already gone  
            I often miss being in their presence  
All who have read this, Thank You Friend  
I have just one more thought to send  
         A friend can be a lover, a sister, a bother  
          No set limits, when it comes to each other  
         No set boundary, expectation, or bother  
         Friends can be anything their hearts desire  
Welcome to the Friend Zone      
Please dress accordingly  
            No one will judge you  
             Do whatever you want to  
            Every moment you go through  
            is a memory to grow through  
            To yourself be true  
The Friend Zone welcomes you unconditionally.  
    Tim Eros  
Written by eroseternal (Tim Eros)
Published | Edited 1st May 2021
Author's Note
Being a friend is how we become friends with someone else. The language of a friend is the dialect of your heart.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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