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JUDAS SUTRA (abridged)

thus i have heard
that judas was born on the cusp
of Taurus and Gemini †
and was therefore conflicted †
and prone to bouts of    
blind faith and dire pragmatism †
and so was the perfect foil for the lord †
who had a bold plan to save mankind †
involving the transubstantiation †  
of ordinary human cells into a glorified state †
of pure holy light that would shine like †
the sun for the lost sheep of israel and, hell, †
why not for the lost sheep of every god damned nation †
(that is, every nation God had damned, †
which was just about every other nation) †
and wasn't it about time for something like this †
because the world was skewed †
what with rome having chewed up and swallowed †
God's chosen like a small bowl of fat grapes †
and that was the only way judas made it into the club †  
because. hell, peter didn't like him †
nor james nor john nor even young Nate †
but the lord insisted †
and that, my good friends, †
is how the whole thing came to pass †
Written by javalini
Published | Edited 20th Apr 2021
Author's Note
This painting by Carl Jung reminded me of the story told in the movie Zeitgeist in which Christianity is related to ancient astrology and the "son of god" is the "sun of god."
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