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I tried to Kill the Absolute Sword

Today is a Day of Remembrance,
of Utter Respect for the Ways,
I believe in your Ascendance,
but I show the opposite, for it prevails.

So sorry, I always repeat it,
yet I fall in the trap... again and again...
the Plan of God's perfectly knitted,
clouds sewn to the Cosmic matter... I deign.

I always fail to meet the expectations
that prove oneself to be worthy of trust...
Is it for my ungrateful lack of patience
that I distort the facts, or it's bad lust?

I look up in the sky and I hear
"Om Namaste Om Namaste Om"
it's a call to defend what's dear
but my dearest I unapologetically scorn.

Fulfil thy undignified sexual desire
and find yourself en route to hell
it's like plugging yourself to the Matrix' wires...
the jellyfish Regulus robots do dwell

around Urumba's deserts sucked
and people are asleep before the TVs
this hypnosis makes them so 3D but
the artificial intelligence opportunities seizes.

I project astrally to planes of cold,
trying to repent and dignity regain,
but I feel like it's too late, I'm told,
I'm being held up by repetitive blame.

Merikhene, Guardian of the Absolute Sword,
how could I rebel like a fool unworthy,
I pray for forgiveness, thank Our Dear Lord,
and I hope that I haven't hurt the Birdie.

Astonished and perplexed - this is how you are.
Usually rebellions come with a cause or two,
but mere anger, plain, as dead as a war,
this is the motivation behind my lack of clue.

Thank you for being so merciful,
forever rectifying to perfection,

but I want to tell you I am pitiful

and it ALWAYS

ALWAYS comes to


I tried to destroy your sword,
I cursed all the ones I love,
In acid I corroded my adamantine cord...

so please know... I'm permitting of.

Of the deadest of ways

Lotus Eater, Merkaba's Tabu,

so please know... to your astonished Dismays,

I simply don't have a clue. I'm due.

I'll have to pay, I know,
but Will I actually learn?
Because desacrating is not a show...
it is simply ... a burn...

A wound in your right to be a Creator,
protector, part of the sisterhood even,
my innocent absolute jokes may be baiters,

and I just...

We shall see, then.
Written by AaronBraveHeart
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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