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Hold On... Never Give Up

Itís acceptable on the Heavenís Creator time    
As we pray in the dark, yet at the rise of the sun we turn the blind eye †  
Still believing in fate when we fall short to lead ourselves † †  
The two-edge sword we weld with souls we have never met † †  
Blinded tears, wicked thoughts permeate the mind † †  
Lost, abandoned, mentally deserted, on the knees asking God for his mercy just one more time † †  
Cascading water in the shower, cleaning the filth as we stand † † †
Putting on our clothes, heading into the world † † †
Wickedness festering in our hearts, impurity of unclean spirits residing in the core of woman and man † †  
† † †
To the gift of the stars shooting across the skies † †  
The illumination of the moon, finding the answer to the questions, however still asking unexplained whys † † †  
Just hold on, glory cometh in the morning before the shores draw in the tides † †  
Continue to sing to the Heavens earthly beautiful songs † †  
Within the identity of mankind, confusion, the faith of hope dwindling † †  
Trials, tribulations, sickness, despair is intermingling † †
† † †
Respite to weakened hearts, let thy weary minds bow heads in grace † †  
What the eyes may see, the ears will hear, itís an optic illusion † † †
Weíre all here by the creation of the seed, from birth to share, breath in spiritual space † †  
Sacredness we unite no more among the human race † †  
Yet, no preacher to lead, money been given for his mansions, his fast cars, our bills, rent due, our blessings to receive, now in his pocket, somehow squandered † †  
The congregation, the synagogue, and the Mosque, nevertheless, you still see lost sheep wandering † †  
† † †
Are we better off when we confess our darken sins † †  
No man of cloth can forgive us, only our guilty conscious he hears as self-redemption is tossed in the wind † †  
That is the Bibleís written wishes as in the day the world was ordained † †  
Man made in the Creatorís image, his warp technology brings the masses who inhabit so much discord, grief, and pain † †  
Toxins in the air from the clouds it rains † †  
Polluted water from radioactive cancer agents seeping from companies filtration systems as the spillage into the ecological system slowly drains † †  
Crops stained with manmade chemicals, altering our DNA to our mouth we partake † †  
Birth defects nine months later, medical bills piling up, for the love of a parent, cannot forsake † † †
† † †  
Political propaganda lies, give to charity, yet African babiesí skeletal, begging for relief through hollowed eyes † †  
I will always advise anyone to love your temple with your heart, and pamper your intellect † †  
No matter where your shoes will lead, tell yourself each day you rise unto a new day, Iím not done yet † †  
Until your last breath † †  
Safeguard your soul to be well received as you asunder this earth and spiritual infinity your psyche has met
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 13th Apr 2021
Author's Note
Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul - and sings the tunes without the words - and never stops at all.

Emily Dickinson
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