Trying to bring her home..

She the one you only meet once in life,
And when you do you better make her your wife.
We were young and high,
Felt like we could fly.
Taught her to cook,
Like a recipe from a book.
Emo girl meets the outlaw,
Sharp blades to match his south paw.
They got caught he went away,
And her life began to stray.
He left her behind with his kin,
If only he knew what should have been.
3 years later he leaves those gates,
To find out hes almost to late.
At first he doesnt know how to react so he lays on back,
He moves a little wait back to doing gak.
Then late one night she calls,
And once again he truly falls.
Then she tells him shes sick,
And no it's not trick.
His family got her on that feni,
That demon that's taken many.
So they try to stop it dead,
But it to much for her head.
So she buys a couple beans,
Didn't know they were so mean.
She only does one,
And it's like a shot from a gun.
They don't have that narcan,
Hes doing the best he can.
Then he hears that death gasp,
And on reality he loses grasp.
Roommates call 911,
Oh please she cant be done.
He starts chest compressions,
Forever this scene will leave an impression.
For 15 minutes he feels like hes breaking her chest,
But she cant go out like the rest.
The paramedics arrive,
He cant tell if shes still alive.
2 rounds of narcan,  
They rush her down the lane.
In his mind there's no doubt,
I cant believe shes dead he wants to shout.
The world around him slows,
It worse than any blows.
His roommates talking,
But he cant stop walking.
Shes alive he finally hears,
But he cant stop the tears.
He rushes to her side,
Still afraid she died.
His brain completely fried he can only look in her hazel eyes,
And ask for wisdom from Odin the wise.
All he struggles to say,
How he loves her many ways.
This moments broken the brave Fatpat,
He almost lost her his dear dear Kat.
He knows this is just the start,
And it's not even the hardest part.  
So for months they struggle to fight it,
Until it almost tears them to bits.
Today shes in rehab,
As he dismantles his lab.
The fight as left him raw,
No longer the once powerful outlaw.
Now he just stands in front of her a man,
Ready to pick up back where they began.
Just 2 souls burning for each other,
Just 2 people ready to love one another.
But the fights far from over,
He better hold on to that four leaf clover.
Written by Hopeless_tired (Fatpat)
Author's Note
This is an on going current story of me and my fiance we were together til right b4 I went to prison now I've come home to try to pick up the pieces. I love you Emogirl21 and I always will. Thank you for showing me this outlet
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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