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His Toy

Today my master took me for a walk. He said to put on a short skirt and forbade me to wear underwear. We walked through the park as he sometimes stroked my ass, lifting up my skirt, hinting that something was waiting for me. There were fewer people around and my nipples were already perking due to strong arousal and were visible through a thin top. They attracted the attention of not only rare passers-by but also my master. Sometimes he deliberately touched them, fiddled a little, listening to my moans while no one saw us. I was already leaking in anticipation of what my master came up with and what he would do with his toy today. Suddenly he pulls me into some nook, away from prying eyes, and his hands wander over my body tormenting me. He squeezes my breasts, lifting my top, and strokes my clit under my skirt checking how much I have flowed. I'm already quietly asking him to fuck me but he only grins.

He turns me around, puts me on my knees and tells me to get to work. I take out his cock, so welcome, and lick the head. I want to continue to gently caress but I feel his hands on the back of my head. He presses pulling my hair forcing me to take him in deeper as I gasp, but I continue to suck. I finally run into his pelvis but he does not let me withdraw his penis and catch my breath, he keeps me in this position. Eventually he lets go, a thread of saliva stretches from his penis dripping onto my chest. He lifts my skirt, unfolds my ass towards him tilting it as I stumble a little and rest my hands against a tree. He spanks me until it turns red as he prepares me a little with a finger which he lubricates in my hospitable mouth. I am always ready to receive him, so his preparation ends quickly, and the penis lubricated in my saliva penetrates my tight pussy stretching me to its size. I bite my lips as not to scream at the whole park, and he slowly sways in me bending to my ear and whispers "well that toy got a dick". And now he is already fighting me, for every loud exclamation I get a small blow to my dirty mouth.

- "Bitch, be quiet, they shouldn't notice us".

He rudely owns my body, pushing hard and deep slapping against my hips and ass. He covers my mouth muffling the moans and screams. Sometimes he sticks his fingers into my mouth so that I suck them which then end up pushing inside my pussy forcefully alongside his huge cock and on the clit, stimulating me. He wants me to cum from his cock in me, to see my complete unconditional surrender, his slave. I bite my lip until it bleeds and cum convulsively, squeezing his cock tightly with my muscles. He slows down a bit, letting me catch my breath and stroking my body. Then he accelerates in me and chokes me a little, grasping my neck slightly. From a slight lack of oxygen I squeeze his penis even harder which gives my master intense pleasure. I move my hips rotating against his member and in his hands I completely surrender to him. He pushs aggressively in me, pulling harder on my thighs and starts to cum deep inside. Each contraction sending explosive streams of hot fluids deep into my belly. His fingers causing pain as he grasps me roughly, nails digging in as I try unsuccessfully not to scream. His penis pushing every drop of fluid deeper inside of me.

He takes out his penis, watching how the hole contracts and how he stretched it. He turns me to face him and orders me to clean his penis. I lick off the rest of the semen, starting from the head while gazing up into his eyes in submission. I can feel him jerk from the sensation as my tongue licks the tip and then I suck the shaft making sure to clean every inch of it. Swallowing cum while I stroke myself and his fluids start to drip out from between my legs as I am imagining where he will take me next. Dissheveled hair and clothing alongside red marks on my skin suggesting to everyone that I am his toy.
Written by xinaskirt
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