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Fall In Love

Fall In Love Lipstick Kit
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Seducing me was not what I would have imagined once my lover begged to watch me milk bath, I complied not pretentious of such sweet passionate waves, my handsome man, trying not to misbehave
Taking the loofah dipping it into the water then on my back  the bath milk pours, what could be a more enticing way then to have the body soar, his hypnotic eyes, all mine to adore
Unwavering vision to the twisting liquid current sliding down my back, leaning his face downward, his tongue tasting his silken snack, the dipping of his tongue inside my ear, palming a breast, my climax always his as a souvenir
Kissing a perky nipple, his hands slipping into the warm depth, my body awaiting my sweeten fate, pure and simple, shaken desires, meeting the soapy ripples
His finger torpedoing inside of me, gyrating to the driving feeling behind his teasing please, going deeper inside me, locking my eyes, knowing I cannot refuse his carnal designs, or deny
His lips on mine, infusing, reducing my will, two fingers now perusing, soapy water decorating the tile floor closing my eyes, sinking into the weakening pussy colluding  
The drunken effect of his fingers venturing inside, kissing me, the remnants of his lips tasting of vintage wine
Taking off his robe in a hurry, joining me in the warm abyss, leaning forward, kissing my soft lips, mmm... the water showcasing the tip of his hard dick, waiting for him to slip it inside my milky wet slit... oh yes, controlled flicks of my clit, liking the wigging dominating hits
Lifting me out my milky paradise, my legs wrapping around his waist for the thrill of his loving surprise, his throaty groans heard before sunrise, once he slips his erection between my creole thighs
His dick took me on safari, in a fantasy, his concubine, his my whore, his tongue to my wet pussy, his dick to my ass, who could want anything more, mmm... he makes me so hot when he bangs on my door, demanding my cunt, without hesitation, ripping my thong off then invading my pussy with hard thrusts on the carpeted floor
Standing up…wow, his dick measuring beyond a ruler, which could fuck me breathless, his cum dripping off my face…shh… I feel no disgrace
Lifting one of his legs over the rim, cupping my butt cheeks, coveting my mouth in his wicked sin, allowing the ecstasy of us to begin
Kissing up my thigh, my body flinching behind the naked aggression, the sighs, the addictive pleasure, the yearning to get inside my sunken treasure
My legs, he positioned over each shoulder, oh baby... mmm… his tongue sliding in and out my wet pussy much slower

Inpatient fingers pinching my clit, then a hungry lick, my slit, spitting on my fine downy hairs, his tongue, funneling inside his gift, oh it feels so good I declare, pants echoed to empty air
Taking me once again on the floor, palming his head, thighs locking against his face, moaning out for more
Lifting his body from his wet sup, cupping his dick ramming it inside my lover’s cup
Oh...yes, his hand gripping rim, my legs wrapped around his back, seesawing my pussy hole to receive all of him
Plummeting his dick deeper, my climax I’m holding back, this lasting feeling is a keeper
Give me that sweet pussy, is all I heard, siphoning my resistance, cannot reply with words
Arching my back, my climax betraying me, coating his dick which my lustful needs, then tapping into his volcanic pearly seeds, my moans fused within his groans his ejaculation, my pussy now owns
His lips matted against mine, cupping my ass, licking around my lips with each dick lashing, humping backwards and then without mercy his body dipping and thrashing
Yanking his dick out…quickly straddling over me, fanning my lips, tasting the pre-cum on the tip of his dick, giving him a quick flick of my tongue to entice the hard peak, fingering myself as my body flap gyrate, and tweak
Returning to his rightful place, after fucking my face, then once inside, anchoring inside my tight cunt space
Oh…oh my pussy quivered, created and then delivered
Oh God, his body stilled against my voluptuous frame, instilling his dick for my pussy to claim, the width releasing, as his pearly flow continued to row
Panting, wet, cold, naked on the floor, contracting my pussy muscles, his pulsating dick locked inside me to store, his erection swimming, as my pussy juices continues to slowly pour
He leaned downward and kissed me on my lips, his girth still kissing my slit, lifting me up, rushing me back to the bedroom to finish this In Love Lipstick Kit
This is an awesome great lipstick from the Kylie Jenner line for bad hair days... when your blow-dryer cannot be relied upon leaving your hair slightly dampen, and you still have a selfie that needs to be done for purchasing
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 6th Apr 2021
Author's Note
I have two more lipsticks to reviews and two more genres to write under… then I move to my toes for the perfect pedicure/manicure colors to bring out your toes and nails, ladies do not forget the to...
I have two more lipsticks to reviews and two more genres to write under… then I move to my toes for the perfect pedicure/manicure colors to bring out your toes and nails, ladies do not forget the to wear those anklets for the ankles and toe rings, sandals season is right around the corner… do buffer the soles of the feet before a bath, soak the feet in Lavender Epsom salt and then use a Shea Butter enriched lotion to the heels.. and apply to the elbows as needed. I will began posting in my Health Forum Blog as time allows


I am at a facility and the breaks are short, I hope I got the right pic, if nor will address once I get home
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