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Black Cop

Think you're gonna make a change from inside
You're gonna be in for one hell of a ride
They lied to you when they said you're blue
They're just making marionettes out of you

Getting you to do their every bidding
As your comrades keep on killing
That's why we're kneeling defiantly
Overseers, please check your history

Your fraternity of disorderly police
Historically have disturbed our peace
Even footage released of clear homicides
Habitually are grand juried as justified

We're goddamn tired of the looped narratives
Tired of our backs being impaled by shivs
Expected to forgive all y'all transgressions
Being living witnesses raises our depression

The compression of having your knees on our necks
Coupled with the fact that you show no respect
Makes us feel derelict in the Land Of Hypocrisy
Where all we want from you is to be treated fairly

But equality seems to be nothing more than a pipe dream
Cause we're obviously not playing on the same team
Redeem your sense of pride that use to reside inside your heart
If you want to erect a change that would be a good start

The taste is tart that's been left on our palates
It's like we're in a war zone and we're kamikaze pilots
Prone to acts of violence due to centuries of abuse
Where "I thought he had a gun!" is y'all favorite excuse

Are we reduced to remaining strange produce til this day?
Is that why, with impunity, y'all just take our lives away?
Mostly they but you say that you're all one in the same
I hope I've painted a clearer picture for you to keep in a frame

Game recognize game and y'all are playing for keeps
The list of names keeps growing of deceased peeps
How long must we weep before we can dry our eyes?
Are we only able to find peace inside the pie in the sky?
Written by da_poetic-edifier (Damon)
Author's Note
R.I.P to all those unjustly slayed by police.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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