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[ NaPoWriMo 2021 Collection ] Satellite

“Her ghost is still orbiting Earth. . ."    
Defined: That which is        
Of all removed, she was destined        
to remain alabaster tissue        
tidally locked to Earth—          
her Stygian, volcanic maria        
perpetually waxing and waning        
betwixt ancient-crustal mesa        
and pockmarked impact craters        
Slightly brighter than worn asphalt        
contrasted by relatively dark space        
her specter glissades        
across black, obsidian ice        
of an infinite cosmos—        
an iron ball at the end of a chain        
Part I: Anatomy of a Cycle        
evolution could be cyclic;        
a regularly repeated period        
of expansion and contraction:        
Eternal Recurrence        
of a theme or structural device;        
a constant distance        
from a centered radius—        
an uncomplicated contrast          
distinctly dividing the plane        
into two solid sectors:        
within or without        
And that's        
what she's all about
Noted since the origin        
of recorded history        
the largest natural satellite        
in the Solar System        
relative to the size of its planet        
remains a sheer mystery        
Acoustical vibration        
one. . .cycle. . . per. . .second        
movements: symphonic, suite        
sonata, or string quartet;        
an individual composer's        
completed performance        
of compartmental work        
Harmonic progression        
repeated sequences, rooted—        
twelve-bar blues        
indefinitely repeated        
chords of variation: melodic and lyrical        
forming compositional allure        
Universal Musica        
Music of the Spheres—        
an ancient conception        
regarding celestial bodies:        
the Sun, Moon, and planets        
utilizing proportional space        
An inaudible resonance—      
Her steadfast orbit       
inspiring epochs        
of audible music        
cyclic narratives: prose, poetry  
heroic legends of truth or myth  
and those lingering, unseen  
counterparts who saved the hero  
absorbed within his homecoming shadow  
Sophocles' tragedies: Oedipus  
and his descendants:  
Oedipus Rex, Antigone—  
Aeschylus' Seven Against Thebes  
Medieval romance  
matière: matter, theme, topic  
Latin and French classics,  
British independent—  
King Arthur and his round table  
the veil of Guinevere  
Japanese: Soga Brothers,  
47 Ronin, where ten-thousand  
lifetimes ensured the destined  
cycle of Lovers despite death;  
its magic and mystery  
as the Moon, presenting  
different faces each day;  
we recognize our own fate  
despite the outer shells  
we wear each lifetime we live  
cyclic chain rule;  
a constant scripted variable    
explicitly computing  
partial derivatives of x    
with respect to y with z;  
the triple production rule:    
permissible rearrangement    
of terms: substitution identities    
permitting replacement    
of variables proving analytically    
difficult to evaluate or measure  
within human capability;  
it's finding a new resolution    
to an unending constant  
As the Moon orbits Earth    
its angle alters day by day:  
new, full, gibbous, waxing  
and waning in between;  
but, there remains something  
unseen to human visibility:  
the dark side of its face  
concealed by an orbital constant  
refusing to rotate    
Sacred Geometry of the Moon;  
dimensions of esoteric meaning    
crafted in architecture  
monuments and measurements:  
a lost science, secrets    
hidden in plain sight  
Sacred sites and crop circles  
encoded with interstellar messages  
by high initiates and magicians  
enveloped in a consecrated science    
of symbols and cosmic ambience  
to define and experience    
such mysteries as Atlantis  
It is recorded by the greatest    
of scientific minds  
that the Great Pyramid of Giza    
conforms not only to concise geometrics  
but, is a temple of initiation    
into a well of mystery:    
rebirth, reincarnation,  
and cosmic existence  
But what has all this  
to do with cycles of the Moon?
you may ask;    
I would answer,  
To Ancient Scholars  
She was its shrouded crown
carbon-14 isotopes, organic  
decomposition over millenniums    
containing origins of age;    
an archaeology's dream  
—historical secrets:    
planetary, atmospheric, humanity  
We seek to unravel mysteries    
of how we were created—  
a timetable of our beginnings;  
how we lived, where we went;    
our extinct teeth unearthed  
from swollen gums of dirt    
An unwavering quest    
for knowledge beyond our living  
derived from ingestion  
or inhalation of decay    
that survived centuries    
of cavernous demise    
But, despite earthly findings  
it is Universal mysteries    
that capture our attention:    
moon cycles in bone markings  
carved 32 000 years BC  
in ancient formations of caves    
germination, infancy  
a cracked hull    
releasing twofold:    
downward roots  
and upward sprout    
to bloom: leaflets form  
perhaps thorns    
followed by a bud  
from air, sunlight. water, soil  
prior to flowering flower    
fruit or nut    
Leaves absorb light  
nourishing growth;  
Leaftide—the Moon's gravity    
Conducting water's movement    
within veiny structures    
Into lunisolar tide cycles  
Sturdy stems filter water    
from dirt, until elements:    
wind, rain, animals, insects    
harvest seedlings    
into a legacy—  
germination, infancy  
a cracked hull. . .  
Part II: Arc of the Covenant        
leaden, that which is hidden  
from terrestrial vision, lacking  
its Source of illumination:    
precursor to birth  
Her symbolic absence  
a germination of illusion—  
linear junction, gestating    
amidst liminal spaces    
of unborn clairvoyance    
and imminent death    
Three days and nights  
time folds, preparing for expansion;  
rending its womb to emerge—  
penetrating dead of night  
with glistening blade  
of silver sickle:    
Lamp of Heaven and Earth  
predating rainbow  
and commandment;  
oldest known promise to man:    
Darkness shall never last    
Waxing Crescent—  
dark caesarian of night  
increscent new birth;    
crepuscular form of life    
falling forth from dust  
Evolving growth pattern    
O! nurtured Darkling, recipient  
of altered-offering: blood  
of intention and belief    
Mother Earth magic:    
cracking the husky womb  
entwining newborn roots—  
spellcasting their spiderlike shapes  
deep beneath elements of light  
Proving again beauty  
and breath are both born    
from a depth of darkness  
those who walk terra firma    
cannot fully understand  
First Quarter—  
half of a half-portion;  
the whole of her profile  
an illumination    
of silhouetted face    
Hard astrological angle  
foresees crisis    
as stepping stones  
to the other side—  
Doubt begets doubt  
gestating from shadow-    
aspects, invisible surfaces  
revealing emerging clues    
Incorporeal Spirit, illusion    
traversing nocturnal sepulcher  
of belief, evoking reflection  
on patterns of change  
Meanings and lessons  
become trebuchets    
over wayward obstacles  
designed to assist growth    
Surrendering control  
becomes a natural recurrence  
trusting the Wheel of Life  
its bird's eye view  
orbiting favorably above us    
Waxing Gibbous—  
precision presented  
an unveiling orb of perseverance  
So close you can taste    
fruition on the tongue—  
deliverance reaping reward  
from patience and hard work;  
but, not quite yet;  
not without diligent effort  
You teach us circumstance  
the unexpected loss  
when taken for granted    
when final work is left undone  
Something seen is not owned  
arriving ships can still succumb  
to impending storms  
before they reach shore  
We must not give up  
separating wheat from chaff    
because the cornfield    
has begun to burgeon      
especially when not yet ripened  
. . .
Written by Ahavati
Published | Edited Yesterday
Author's Note
And so it begins.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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