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“Ahhh!” the bro shouted as he lifted the weight,
The bro exercised with his friend, and they were both feeling great.

As the bro pushed up the weight as high as it could go,
The other bro said, “You're doing great bro!”

The bros smiled at each other in a very happy way,
The bros were both quiet, but they each had something to say.

The bro loved seeing the other bro, all sweaty and dripping,
But then his hands started to slip from the bar he was gripping.

“Bro, help!” he said in very panicked way,
The other bro wasn’t slacking, he would save his best bro today.

He grabbed the bar from him and put it down on the rack,
“You saved me bro!” he said, the bro replied “Don’t worry I got your back.

“You’re always there for me bro,” the saved bro said,
“Thats what best friends are for,” the other bro said.

You may not believe it, but listen to me,
The bros were in love, it was easy to see.

But, each thought the other was very straight,
So they didn’t want to ask the other on a date.
But the saved bro was so happy that he was ready to ask the other bro,
“Do you wanna go on a date bro?”

The other bro was lost for words, he didn’t know what to say,
He couldn’t fathom that his fellow bro was gay.

“Bro, that sounds awesome,” the bro said very loudly,
“I’m ready,” the other bro said very proudly.

So they both went home and got ready for their date,
The bros both hoped after dinner, they could mate.

One bro looked through his closet, for something to wear,
Then he found some clothing he’d bought for a dare.

It was a beautiful dress, but he didn’t know what the other bro would think,
When he saw his fellow bro wearing pink.

But the bros excitement, outdid his worry,
So he put on his dress and got ready in a hurry.

So he went downtown, to the local gay bar,
And he waited for the other bro inside of his car.

Soon the other bro pulled up in his Ford pickup truck,
It was just like his, with the wheels covered in muck.

They both got out, and walked towards door,
“You look beautiful bro,” he said, “and I’m ready for more,”

The bro wasn’t sure wasn’t what the other bro meant,
But he did know he liked the fellow bro’s scent.

He was certain that it was a fine Bleu de Chanel,
When he worked in the mall, it was one he would sell.

The bros entered the bar and got seats at a high top,
The waiter came over, and they both ordered soda pop.

They both liked Pibb, so they got one glass to share,
The bros drank together, without a care.

For a meal they ordered spaghetti, and meatballs,
As they waited, they looked around at the brick walls.

When the bros got their dinner, they dug in and started eating,
But they didn’t know soon that their lips would be meeting.

Then the bros realized after it was too late,
That they both grabbed the same noodle from the plate,

As the both slurped the noodle, their lips came together,
And then they kissed, for worse or for better.

“Sorry bro, I didn’t mean to kiss you,”
“Don’t worry bro, I liked it a lot too.”

They both grinned at each other, a strong bond was being made,
They finished off the meal, and then they paid.

But as they left the bro didn’t want it to end,
“Wanna watch a movie?” he said to his friend.

The bro accepted, so they hopped in their cars,
Then they went to one bro’s house and they had candy bars.

Then they sat down on the couch and they watched a nice movie,
It was new and hip, and so very groovy.

As the movie went on, the bros started to cuddle,
Their giant muscles rubbed like a football huddle.

The movie ended with a raunchy sex scene,
The bros didn’t mind it, or think it was too obscene.

But this really turned on both of the bros,
It made them horny from their head to their toes.

The bros were so horny, they were ready for sex,
They really wanted to see each other’s dicks.

Luckily the bro had two condoms handy,
They were both ready to suck on some long and hard candy.

The bro’s took off each other’s clothing,
Their muscular bodies were beautiful, and there was no loathing.

The bros rubbed their hands all over each other,
Their love was stronger than that of a brother.

Their big muscles were so nice to squeeze and caress,
It was even better with them being topless.

But the bros were ready for some hard dick sucking,
It was time to get down, and get to some fucking.

The first maneuver, they called the Ying-Yang,
It's the first thing they wanted to try when they bang.

The top bro turned around so he could suck on the other bro’s dick,
The bottom bro also got a nice pick.

They admired each other’s sausages, each at least 8 inches long,
They both had a body just like King Kong.

Then the bros started sucking on the candy they were seeing,
The taste was awesome, and enhanced their being.

Both of the bros loved to deep throat,
Their mouths cuddled the dicks, like a soft and warm coat.

The cum tasted awesome, it was the best ever,
They both knew that their maneuver was clever.

But the bros got tired and were ready for some new smut,
So the bottom bro flipped over, and was ready for his butt.

The bro’s penis was so big he had to seperate the other bros cheeks,
Then he aimed for the center and stuck in the beak.

“Ohhhhh Yeah!” the bottom bro said with satisfaction,
He was so in love with the top bro’s action.

But the bottom bro didn’t know about the other’s penis muscle,
The top bro flexed and gave him quite a rustle.

“Oh bro that was quite a surprise,”
The top bro listened, and caressed his thighs.

“Ok my turn!” the bottom bro said,
The top bro got up, he was ready for that head.

So they repeated the process, all just the same,
The bros were so happy they started to exclaim.

“I love you bro!” they both said with glee.
They were both so in love, it was easy to see.

But they were both getting tired so they got up to leave,
They were both so excited about the things they would achieve.

“Have a goodnight bro,” was the last thing he said,
So the bro went inside and he went straight to bed.
Written by the_Zeus100 (Michael Glover)
Author's Note
My friend John recently came out as gay to the me and his family, and I am very happy for him. I hope that he can find strength in this poem to be proud of his sexuality and move forward courageously...
My friend John recently came out as gay to the me and his family, and I am very happy for him. I hope that he can find strength in this poem to be proud of his sexuality and move forward courageously in this new chapter of his life.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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