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Image for the poem Mm.. You Know Only You.. Yes You

Mm.. You Know Only You.. Yes You

The night our lips then body touched
Our naked emotions revealed so much    
You kissed my soft lips, they slightly trembled beneath yours    
I inched back, preparing to flee    
I never expected these deep emotions to be set free    

Gently he pulled me closer, my erratic heartbeats sinking in trepidation    
No more wishing for tonight, wishing for us, no more delays or hesitation    
He whispered in my ear, as he glimpsed my free failing tears    
“Don’t worry beautiful, this man holds your heart dear and near    
The man who emotionally sends you, spent you, so baby have no fears”
He palmed the cheeks of my butter rum skin    
Drawing my lips to his, breathing the scent of me in    
Both knowing this is where our silken dreams end or begin      
His hands aimlessly wandered all over my body, undressing me slowly without the rush    
A kiss to my bare shoulder blade, the tip of his tongue escaping in my ear canal, advising  me he wanted to taste me so much    
I inhaled and exhaled on a dream now deemed real    
Surrendering to this handsome one with arms of steel    
The first caress, mmm... then came the first kiss    
Clothes off, crushed rose petals under me, panting, awaiting his thrusting bliss    
Looking down into my smoky eyes, cupping his dick    
Gliding inside me while deeper sliding    
The silken tightness of my sugar walls clenched, where his erection was residing    
My legs linking around his back    
Oh sweet mercy, the long stroking of his erection becoming bolder, his dick on a personal satisfying crusading attack    
Drilling my pussy, pounding my mound, holding my body hostage while on my back    
Dropping his body, aligning it on mine, buttocks gripped, pussy now soaking wet      
Fucking me senselessly for someone I’ve just met
Closing my eyes, allowing his lust to marinate as my pussy melt      
His arched necked strained to the ceiling    
Pressing downward on his gluteus for a closer connection, his dick reeling
Mm... I love those suctioning sounds jucies make and the sensations behind the feeling    
Begging him to fuck me harder, screaming out his name    
Scratching his back, moaning for him to make my pussy sprinkle and then rain    
Withdrawing and then easing  back in, hammering me as his dick is serenading the cunt of this sexy dame    
His tumultuous release drowning inside of me    
Feeding that long overdue virginal need    
Sweat, slicken back, bowing at the throne from a King’s slip and gyrating please    
Kissing my lips, palming my hips    
His semi-flaccid girth still plundering into my tight pussy grip    
Yanking out his manhood, as I flipped
Back bent, strands of my curls wrapped around his wrist
Tapping his firm hunger against a buttock, branding my skin with his seeping pearly drips    
Then dropping to his kness, dividing my cheeks, then enthalling me with his masterful up and down tongue licks
Passion enslaved as his tongue slowly crawled    
Dipping into my asshole.. mmm.. loving it all    
Restricted, constricted, yet no shame    
If we were reversed trust me I’ll do him the same    
Licked in the chasm of my sweeten pussy, his tongue twirling, then wiggling side-to-side in my creamy lush    
Mm.. he pleased me beyond measure pulsate my vaginal passage as such    
Sweet memories of me as I once laid in his King size bed    
From my toes, up my thighs as his body and mouth physically led      
Gently took me past the stars, as my body kissed the moon    
Whispered voices of pleasure, hushed, gone too soon    
He made me climax over and over.. mmm.. he always do know how to  make me swoon
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.

Tom Robbins
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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