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Straight Talk Live (Incorporating Realism Within The Darkness Of The Mind II)

This is one of those Straight Talk Live segments, I had to step out of my comfort zone to give credence to the originality of its merit. I have always stood by my creed; the mind is a terrible thing to squander and the heart is an organ that requires the gift of love.  
In essence, my convictions in life are always to accept everyone’s core values, in addition, to give them insight as civilization would accept their accounted presence.  
What happens when your faith, your belief, and everything you deem spiritual as a necessity to survive has come upon the test of time; do you claim your honor, do you assume your outlook is the way to the light, or do you learn to acknowledge and teach.  
Henceforth, since I am venturing into Forensic Psychology at a Master’s Degree Level (A subfield of psychology, involves the application of psychological knowledge and methods to both civil and criminal legal questions).  
My professional credentials will grant me access to conduct screenings and assessments on inmates, consulting with attorneys, advocates, conversing with prison staff, or any judicial personnel on the mental well-being of inmates, in addition, administering court-ordered psychological evaluations,.  
Those particular assigned patients who have been entrusted within my professional care, mental status needs to be validated, whereas if perhaps they are under my care and his/her mindset has somehow been traumatized; emotionally, or mentality has been altered/brainwash to become dangers to self or others, directive menaces from suffering from post-stress, or any random act of abhorrence.  
These related issues becomes my jurisdiction to uphold my medical oath to see that individual is capable to survive, outside the norm of what his/her mind has altered in compensation to believe the consequence of their wrong in not fostering the permission to curtail their liable actions as being correct.
This was the ideal opportunity in allowing me to understanding my personal assessments, clamored with much dignity and respect.
I must bow out of sacred respect to the sovereign of my French Haitian Creole ancestry for such a bold written piece upon my sacred scrolls of disavowal, however, it is to be done and this too shall pass.
In my Straight Talk Live Poem entitled Step Up Into The Light, it was an introduction to hypothesize my conclusion on religion theories and how it can act as a catalyst for the means of a person to plea one of the four mental disorder defenses; M’Naghten, Irresistible Impulse, Substantial Capacity, and Durham to in a court of law. I gave you several avenues from demonolatry worshipping aversions, and several ways one can mentally submit and then using that as defense as a variable to getting admitted to a forensic psychiatric facility or institution.  
Without my Sax’s warmth, I will most likely be sleeping with the lights on for the hours of research for a 100 page my thesis I have to submit prior to graduating on several of psychosis disorders versus.
Psychosis is a syndrome or group of symptoms
Schizophrenia is a mental illness that causes psychosis

Genesis 6:4 reads as follows: The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them; the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown

There are numerous epochs for the revelation of this write I must take into consideration before I systematically contemplate without sounding bias, or facetious. Malevolent and Treachery has always been the cornerstone from B.C to A.D. The battle between Archangel Michael and his host of Angels to battling Lucifer, God’s most trusted Cherub from permitting him to overtake the third throne of Heaven. Preceding the ousting of Lucifer dethronement, in pursuit with him, one third of Heaven’s Angels. This will become my prime focus in part three of this Straight Talk Live series  
Was this the beginning of the fall of mankind’s will, the enticement of the world to choose a righteous path, or the mental adaptation the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  
If this was a case study of a patient who has denounced their faith, please be advised it also deem to be true what theology a person strongly believes in, or in certain circumstances, an atheist’s principles to adopt. In addition, if this person were accused of a hate crime, a serial killer who methods were to use human as satanic sacrifices, or any subject accused of a crime involving Satanism, or Occultism, and after my psychological assessment.  
In a court of law, the evidence renders down to what the prosecutor can make the jury believe, or in my psychology field of interest how I convince a court of law, in my best ethical judgment if this person is not fit to stand as accused by reasons of insanity or if indeed the accused it mental competent to stand trial.
There are several approaches a professional therapist/counselor must heed too, in additional, take all accurate mental disorders into account and the legality of the consideration. Most patients who have been detained for a heinous crime and after undergoing due process of the law, then facing the court system preliminaries; if, and when an defending attorney has suspicious concerning a person’s mental welfare, most offenders will be given a psych evaluation for competency.  
It is safe to assume all mental abnormities of criminal intent stems from childhood, and from reading and then having to generalize my assessments the last quarter, that perception has given me a more in-depth understanding to admit everyone’s mental capacity is not wired the same. And in the beginning the question proposed; no, mental abnormities of criminal intent does not always originate from childhood.
Outward appearances cannot tell an observant eye what truly larks behind a person’s quiet façade, I say that in part, no one can hear the thoughts of another; we can only wish for the goodness of the intellect to accept the responsibility of producing good objectives, whereas, the darkness that speaks of the mind remains sealed.
Numerous serial killers have the same incentives. Most idealistic eradicators commit murder at the command of imagined internal or external voices which they experience and perceive to be real (Paraphrased-03-30-21-SKC).  
It is appalling to take into advisement “people of faith” are more likely to be murderers than atheists, yes, it is a known fact.  
This singular concept of this three part essay I have taken the time to generate, ideas based on previous case file I had the pleasure of overseeing and reading in my last scholastic quarter, yet, the case files, I assumed would have challenged my faith, and most likely, I would have strayed to the role of the maternal reasoning instead of the professional counselor.  
I am in the throne of my profession and have witnessed in group therapy sessions as a phycology majoring student these actual human beings mindsets who I might act, appear normal, beautiful in appearance, showcased handsomeness on the outside, as I stated earlier no one can hear the mind of others.  
Therefore, does religion tendencies play a significance role in the life of many serial killers and murderers?
Part Three, I would clarify that above statement/question more in detail; in addition, the title in reverence and explore Genesis verses, therefore, you may understand my conclusion(s) in its entirety.  
I know we are only connected by words here, however, if you suspect someone is suffering in silence, inbox them, only if you feel comfortable to do so, and inquire  out of politeness is that person alright, sometimes, human compassion goes a long way, and from the dialogue I hear as a student every Monday while listening and assessing in my Behavioral Studies, from the mouths of darken mentalities there lies a thin line between evil and madness… it really makes me think does people like this really exist in this world and have walked the streets among society, folks this life is not prime time, this is your mind, such a beautiful enlightenment, and the damages it can undergo is simply amazing , so take care of it at all cost, please  
Until our voices echo in beautiful union on the sacred helm of the wind, stay attuned to your inner Charkas and always stay mentally attuned
Footnote: I am on my laptop at my place of employment, on a break, any errors, please forgive until much later
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 24th May 2023
Author's Note
I don't fear death so much as I fear its prologues: loneliness, decrepitude, pain, debilitation, depression, senility. After a few years of those, I imagine death presents like a holiday at the beach.

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