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Hymn of the True Faithful

- Hymn of the True Faithful -

Be ye lost in the darkness, oh ye people, and afraid of what doth now come?
All ye people of this world, in the cities and in the valleys, and the mountains,
The time hath come, for the world weeps, and we must make a lasting stand!
Where wilt thou be, oh ye people, when the final day of thy bondage is done?
Come unto me, as if thou were children, and drink the waters of the fountains,
The time hath come, for the Earth weeps, and we must purge evil from the land!
I am the sign ye seek, so follow, oh faithful; follow me unto the falling twilight,
For all the darkness of the ages, is passing swiftly unto its' end!
I am the sign ye seek, so follow, oh faithful; follow in the sun's everlasting light,
And in thy gentle hearts, accept the blessings that God doth send!
Upon thy heads, within thy hearts, shalt be heaped the glories of our Kingdom,
And a thousand Angels from upon high prepare the path for thee!
Upon thy heads, within thy hearts, ye shalt bear the markings of Holy Wisdom,
The promise that all the world shalt, in the coming dawn, be free!
Look unto the heavens, and look into mine eyes, and see therein the light of Heaven.
It shines not just in me, but within us all, and everything that God hath ever made!
Look up at the clouds that line the skies, and hold fast to the arms of thy brethren.
It wilt be shown unto every eye, that the foundation hath been by our hands laid!
So come now all ye people of this world, and rejoice with thy voices in gladness,
Sing unto the day, even as thou doth journey, sing unto the day ye need not roam!
The time hath come, oh my children, to gather in the halls of thy temples,
The time hath come, oh my brethren, the time hath come at last!
Follow, ye faithful in thy hearts, be ye wealthy or of means more simple,
Follow ye, in thy hearts and souls, and hasten unto a new future fast!
An age of darkness and horror is coming swiftly unto its' fitful passing,
And thy children shall claim the victory, as an age of hardship is overcome!
Take ye thus my hand, and upon ye shalt be granted new life everlasting,
Put the power of faith in thy heart, and know that upon ye God's will be done!
The Angels hath shown ye the way, and it doth lie through the very shadow,
The promise of peace is never easy to keep, it can lie beyond the very Abyss!
Look into thy hearts, where the sweetest serenity doth take shape and grow,
Look unto Paradise like a Queen, and of her hand thy lips shalt thereon kiss!
It shines like a shade of palest moonlight, the parting of the terrible darkness,
It hath been lifted, oh my dearest ones, that covering veil from all thine eyes!
So come now all ye people of this world, and gather beyond the old mists,
The time hath come, oh my people, for mine ears hath heard thy plaintive cries!
Let me give ye a new song to sing, one of gladness and of everlasting hope,
And I shalt be unto every heart a Father and a Mother, a gift unto each soul.
The way unto Heaven is not distant, ye need not fly or climb a narrow rope,
Just be love itself, in all thou dost do, and seek to help rather than to control.
There is no secret for the faithful who art true, for they know the road to walk!
Be gracious in the nobility of thy spirit, and let compassion by thy very guide.
The truth is all around ye, not in dogma nor on scientific lines made of chalk...
It is in the universe itself, for God's truth doth in every living thing thus abide.
Written by Kou_Indigo (Kara Lucielle Pythiana)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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