Coffee Shop Buddha

Coffee Shop Buddha
     As an older man among a younger crowd, I wonder what the students think of me. Probably they assume me to be a hobo in my frayed jacket and unshaven face. Then again they might be right on target that I am an alumnus from this academic castle who is there to relive his younger years. If they are very perceptive they might notice my eyes wandering across the feminine field of vision to take in the cornucopia of lovelies that populate the coffee shop realm.  
     But maybe the barista girls are sympathetic to my singular plight and are receptive to being gazed upon. In any case, I am welcomed by the lilted lasses who pour my cup of Joe as though in their own inner bliss and there is no place they would rather be.  
     One fine spring afternoon I give them my usual order. But before I can mutter the words she knows it by heart. When she holds the cup of brew for me to take I feel the vibes of her wonderment as her eyes meet mine in a dance of duality. I take the vessel from her delicate fingers and for a moment we make epidermal contact. At that moment I plunge into her fathomless gaze with my penetrating ocular orbs and we are suspended like two generations that coincide in an ageless dream that holds me in the forever of her love. As soon as eternity subsides I find the cup in my grasp like the grail of harmony that fills my soul with the barista’s kindness. In the end, we all die in the solitude of the soul but she will be alive in the dance of love long after I am ashes in an urn.  
     And so I sit like a plastic Buddha afloat in a lotus pond. The ripples of her gentleness carry me along the water until I find myself on the shore of the promise of romance. But soon night is upon us and the lights brighten. With each shuffle of people, I feel the need to feel her warmth again like a golden harp song that never grows old. My cue is her presence at the counter and the glue of my eyes tells her it is she I need tonight. So she fills me with the glee of decafe and I submerge into the sea of her mystique. She meets my stare like she understands and thanks me for being there for her if only as a customer but with the illusion of so much more.
Written by goldenmyst
Published | Edited 21st Mar 2021
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